Super Pacific Partners with Tiny Rig Co. for SoCal Distribution

June 12, 2024

Los Angeles, CA – (June 12, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Super Pacific, a leading manufacturer of premium lightweight truck campers and integrated pop-tops for adventure vans, is pleased to announce their new partnership with Tiny Rig Co to expand their offerings to the LA adventure vehicle and overlanding market.

As part of this collaboration, Tiny Rig Co will serve as the exclusive Southern California distribution partner for Super Pacific’s X1 truck camper system and aftermarket accessories. The X1 Camper is the flagship camper from Super Pacific, offering adventurers the ultimate blend of rugged durability, design modularity, and all-season comfort.

“We are thrilled to partner with Tiny Rig Co to bring a stronger presence to our Southern California market,” said Peter Wiliams, Founder and President of Super Pacific. “Their dedication to quality, expertise, and the customer experience in the So Cal overland and adventure vehicle community makes them the perfect partner for us.”

Tiny Rig Co is renowned for its commitment to excellence in the Southern California community, offering a curated selection of premium camper products and accessories for adventure and off-road enthusiasts. Tiny Rig Co is well-positioned to represent Super Pacific and the X1 with the highest level of service and expertise for the wide range of truck models and use cases the X1 platform provides.

“I have gotten to know the Super Pacific team from afar, and from everything I have seen and heard, the culture, beliefs, and passion are something that we’re excited to be a part of.” said Daniel, Owner at Tiny Rig Co. “The goal for us is to always sell something with confidence, that is going to not just meet expectations, but exceed them. The build quality and design of the X1 Camper stands out, and we’re excited to add it to our lineup.”

About Super Pacific USA:

Super Pacific is a purveyor of world class lightweight truck campers and accessories, built in Portland, Oregon, and tested for the rigors of the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 2019, Super Pacific is about quality craftsmanship, and methodical design for ease-of-use and customization. Built like an airplane with laser-cut sheet aluminum and solid aircraft rivets, our flagship X1 Camper is a flexible, modular eco-system designed to keep up with your adventures. The X1 features Living Room Mode™, Flow State™ vents, modular organization accessories, all-season comfort, an impressive range of standard features, and is available for trucks from Toyota, Ford, Jeep, Ram, Chevrolet, and Honda.

To learn more about Super Pacific, visit www.superpacificusa.com

About Tiny Rig Co:

Based in Southern California, Tiny Rig Co. provides exceptional service and quality products to their customers, allowing them to get outside and enjoy the beautiful planet.

To learn more about Tiny Rig Co. visit https://tinyrigco.com

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Mitch Milbauer

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