Superfeet Announces New Senior Leadership Team as Brand Celebrates 40th Anniversary

February 24, 2017

The most recognized brand in insoles and footwear comfort appoints new CEO, CMO, COO, VP Sales and Director of EU Sales

During 40 years of innovating, producing and selling a heritage collection of insoles, Superfeet has successfully launched six new product categories, three major technology alliances and announced the world’s first foot-scanning and footwear recommendation platform. Showing no signs of slowing, Superfeet proudly announces their newly restructured senior team, poised to build on the brand’s recent successes and continue the momentum. 

Comprised of five newly appointed team members who will continue to grow Superfeet’s highly anticipated product launches for 2017 and beyond, the rejuvenated team includes: 

  • John Rauvola is assuming the role of CEO and President. Since joining Superfeet in 2013, John’s leadership and vision for the company has yielded a 27% growth in revenue. Additionally, he led the company in becoming 100% employee owned.
  • Dave Howard is being promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) as a result of his many accomplishments in Operations and Finance.  Dave’s cost reduction efforts have dramatically increased Superfeet’s yearly savings for future business investment. At the same time, Dave has succeeded in increasing Superfeet’s US production capacity and quality, setting the company up for further growth potential.
  • Eric Hayes, in recognition of his achievements in Marketing and Product Development, is being promoted to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).  Under Eric’s leadership, Superfeet has introduced multiple new products and categories and more than doubled brand awareness.
  • Mike Houser is being promoted to Vice President of US Sales. As the head of Superfeet’s US Sales group, Mike has helped navigate through a very challenging retail environment over the past year with strong results.  He has also greatly improved communication internally and with Superfeet’s key customers.
  • Frits Kuper has succeeded in growing Superfeet’s European business by double digits over the past three years.  He has also been instrumental in revamping the brand’s distributor network. As a result, Frits is being promoted to Director of European Sales.

“Superfeet created the standard for fit and shape in footwear 40 years ago, and today we continue to revolutionize how people think about footwear,” said John Rauvola, CEO and President of Superfeet. “Our team of remarkable, passionate minds make every piece of the Superfeet dream possible. As a 100% employee-owned business, we are honored to continue investing in our team and creating a brand that resonates with feet across the globe.” 

For more information on Superfeet, please visit www.Superfeet.com. 

ABOUT SUPERFEET: Superfeet is the leader in innovative over-the counter insoles for the active lifestyle and outdoor industries. For over 40 years Superfeet has focused on bringing innovative products to the market by seeking new solutions to everyday problems. Today, Superfeet has enabled countless people across the globe to experience a life of new possibilities by changing the way their footwear fits and functions. As a 100% employee owned company, Superfeet is dedicated to improving lives, giving 1% of profits and employee time to organizations that help people get back on their feet.  For more information, visit: www.superfeet.com.