Sweet Protection takes home ISPO Gold Award for the new for Fall/Winter 2018 Switcher helmet

January 23, 2018

The Switcher snow sport helmet was awarded the ISPO Gold for its leading safety features, revolutionary ventilation, all-mountain versatility and user-friendliness

Trysil, Norway (January 23, 2018) – The Norwegian-based Sweet Protection, designers of cutting-edge paddle sports, snow sports, and mountain bike helmets and apparel, is proud to announce the versatile Switcher snow sport helmet is a 2018 winner of the ISPO Gold Award. Designed for all-mountain performance, the Switcher is equally at home floating through the deepest backcountry powder or carving groomers at the resort.

Sweet Protection’s unwavering desire to blend industry leading safety features with lightweight construction has resulted in some of the most coveted helmets among hard core skiers and riders and the Switcher is the latest in a long line of world-class helmets.

“We believe that traditional hybrid helmets have a less than ideal construction. Based on that, we created our Advanced Hybrid Construction which is a unique combination of In-Mold and Hard Shell that offers the best combination of rigidity and elasticity according to the biometrics of the head,” explains director of design and development Staale Moeller. “The result is a line of helmets that are more rigid or more elastic depending on what part of the head is being protected.”

The simple explanation is this: Impact Shields in the front and back of the helmet provide extra protection for the more angular parts of the head while elastic materials increase the time of impact over more vulnerable parts. Shell materials of varying rigidity and elasticity do the same.

“Furthermore, we wanted to make a helmet where one can finely tune extensive ventilation with one single interface located outside of the impact area,” added Staale. This resulted in the One-Turn Ventilation system where you operate and finely tune 20 vents with one knob. Articulated in one direction and smooth in the other, the adjustment knob uses feel and sound to let you know if you are opening or closing the vents.

The Switcher helmet will easily adapt to different temperatures and intensity levels. User friendliness in terms of ventilation interface and adjustability of the helmet sets a new standard in comfort.

Available with MIPS ($249) and without ($219) and debuting to the industry this week at the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in booth #42123, the Switcher will be available to the public fall 2018.

About Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection is based in Norway and was founded by a tight-knit group of skiers, riders, cyclists and paddlers, looking to make the best helmets and apparel available. Sweet blends industry-leading innovation with the finest craftsmanship available to create the safest and most advanced helmets, protective gear and apparel for ski and snowboard, bike and paddle sports. A core design philosophy of Stronger, Lighter, Better guides all of Sweet’s decisions. Sweet’s team is comprised of overachievers with extremely high expectations for their products; well above and beyond industry certifications and standardized tests. Sweet builds the gear they use and stands behind every product they make. For Sweet, there is no compromise. Their passion is your protection. www.sweetprotection.com