Sweet Protection’s Trooper 2Vi Mips Helmet Snags Outside’s Gear of the Year Award

October 26, 2021

Celebrated Helmet Adds Another Accolade During Breakthrough Year

(BOULDER, CO – OCTOBER 2021) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Sweet Protection, the industry leader in high-performance helmets, goggles and technical clothing, today announced that its celebrated new Trooper 2Vi Mips Helmet has earned the coveted Gear of the Year Award from Outside, the latest in a string of accolades for the company’s revolutionary new 2Vi™ high-performance technology platform.

Released in January along with the Grimnir 2Vi Mips Helmet, Sweet Protection’s Trooper 2Vi Mips Helmet builds on the company’s 20-year history of perfecting world-class impact protection in its products and pushes the boundaries for what’s possible for performance and comfort in the world of adventure sports. The 2Vi technology platform was developed by Sweet Protection and allows for increased protection performance compared to previous generation helmets at both low- and high-impact speeds without compromising on weight and volume, and also offers increased protection against rotational forces due to the unique, integrated 2-layer Mips technology.

While the integrated 2-layer Mips technology reduces the risk of geometric lock and allows for increased comfort, the 2Vi™ technology also offers a complex geometry multi-density shock absorbing liner to improve impact dissipation as well as a next-generation variable elasticity shell with increased rigidity to serve as a valuable first line of defense against impacts.

The Gear of the Year Award from Outside is just the latest accolade for the Trooper 2Vi Mips helmet, which was also named one of the Best Helmets for 2022 by Ski Magazine and Freeride.com said the helmet was “completely re-engineered using only the best materials, technologies and production technologies available.”

Freeride athletes wearing the new Trooper 2Vi Mips Helmet include Parkin Costain, Pep Fujas, Chris Davenport, Jake Hopfinger, and Marcus Caston.

“This is excellent news! It makes me proud to see that our 2Vi Helmet Technology platform we have spent years developing has received this recognition,” said Ståle Møller, Director of Design & Development at Sweet Protection. “We believe the 2Vi Technology Platform is a breakthrough and will change what we think is possible when it comes to helmet performance.”

To learn more about the Trooper 2Vi Mips Helmet, please click here.

About Sweet Protection

Based out of the small village of Trysil, in the midst of the Norwegian wilderness and close to the mountains, the Sweet Protection crew has been developing helmets, protection gear and technical clothing since 2000. The multi-award winning team of designers, skilled technicians and the amazing team of riders have pushed the envelope of what’s possible with functional equipment.

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