Swiftwick® launches FLITE XT® TRAIL, the most technologically advanced outdoor sock

March 7, 2022

FLITE XT TRAIL utilizes Swiftwick’s proprietary fiber and stability technology to create the top-performing trail sock

Franklin, TN (March 7, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Swiftwick is thrilled to announce the launch of their FLITE XT® TRAIL line, which combines natural Merino wool and proprietary GripDry™ Fiber with stability technology to tackle the unique challenges of outdoor trail adventures. As the leader in sock innovation and thoughtful design, Swiftwick set out to create this high-performance, comfortable adventure sock to meet the needs of today’s explorers and stand up to the brand’s ‘best sock you will ever wear’ guarantee.

The FLITE XT TRAIL line offers a solution to the uneven terrain and variable conditions that come with adventures on the trail, from rocky obstacles to moisture build up. Proprietary GripDry™ Fiber incorporated into the heel and forefoot of the sock uses micro treads to provide traction and grip inside your shoe, while AnkleLock™ Technology uses strong elastic around your ankles to provide support and stability on varying

terrains. The sock’s soft Merino wool upper regulates temperature and odor to keep your feet comfortable, and Swiftwick’s signature hydrophobic Olefin fiber footbed maximizes the sock’s moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you dry and blister-free.

“After the release of our original FLITE XT® socks, designed with advanced stability technology, we heard growing feedback from our hike and trail running customers on their love for the line’s performance features,” said Joanna Mariani, Chief Marketing Officer of Swiftwick.

“Using that feedback, we set out to combine the FLITE XT’s signature stability features with the natural wonders of Merino wool to provide the best-performing outdoor sock on the market. FLITE XT TRAIL was inspired by our customers and ardently crafted by our team– we’re excited to see what adventures our customers take these socks on.”

The FLITE XT TRAIL sock line launches in a Two and Five cuff height. Learn more about the FLITE XT TRAIL line at: https://swiftwick.com/pages/flite-xt-trail

About Swiftwick

Swiftwick was founded in 2008 when an athlete saw the need for a high-performance sock with superior moisture-wicking and incredible fit. Today, based in Franklin, TN, they are an international brand developing performance socks for every adventure. All Swiftwick products are made in the USA using the most sustainable practices available and are backed by the company’s “Best sock you will ever wear” guarantee. www.swiftwick.com


Media Contact: Maddie Jarrard

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