Tailwind Nutrition unveils brand refresh & new matcha flavor

October 15, 2021

DURANGO, Colo. [Oct. 15, 2021] /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Tailwind Nutrition, the complete nutrition provider to athletes, has undergone a brand refresh, complete with a new logo, new packaging and a new website. Along with the fresh, sophisticated look on the same fuel and recovery products, Tailwind is simultaneously introducing its newest flavor—Matcha— which joins the Tailwind Endurance Fuel family of flavors.

“After nine exciting years of Tailwind helping our customers have the best experience they can, we thought it was time for a little brand refresh,” explained  Jeff Vierling, Co-Founder of Tailwind Nutrition. “We felt strongly that our look and feel should match the simplicity of our products, plus the bold and joyful spirit of our customers.”

“Rest assured, we’re still the same mountain biking, trail running, dusty, sweaty crew you have always known, and continue to make our products  in our hometown of Durango, Colorado,” said Jenny Vierling, Co-Founder of Tailwind Nutrition. “Our product has not changed and will continue to be the fuel and recovery source you have relied on throughout your adventures for almost a decade.”

The inspiration behind the new look  evokes the joy of what Tailwind customers experience as athletes and outdoors people. From the vibrant colors and gradients, to the hues, tints, tones and shades—every detail  draws from what is seen on the trail—  whether it be the  southwest desert at sunset, a loamy trail through a leafy green forest, or sunlight dancing on water. Content on the packaging and website is simplified, to highlight ease of use and focus on the joy. The Tailwind logo has evolved too, simplified and modernized while retaining the vortex of motion like a Tailwind at your back.

With the new Matcha flavor joining the Tailwind lineup, it becomes the brand’s eighth Endurance Fuel flavor offering. Matcha  is earthy and light, and offers a refreshing pick-me-up for athletes.

Many athletes struggle to find a sports drink that works best for them. Tailwind’s Endurance Fuel products mix with water and are designed to be used during training to meet all of an athlete’s calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting the stomach. Matcha  is now available at TailwindNutrition.com in 30 and 50-serving bags, and single serving stickpacks.

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About Tailwind Nutrition

Since 2012, Tailwind Nutrition has been manufacturing all-natural endurance nutrition products that are free of GMOs, dairy, soy, and gluten, are easy to digest, and support an athlete’s fueling and recovery needs during exercise. Owned, operated and manufactured in Durango, CO, Tailwind Nutrition’s specially formulated drink mixes help athletes perform and compete at their highest level without the worry of food allergies or sensitivities. Tailwind is all you need, all day. Really. For more information visit tailwindnutrition.com