Tentsile Commits to Climate Neutral

September 23, 2019

New Non-Profit Helps Companies Achieve a Net-Zero Carbon Footprint

LONDON (September 23, 2019) – ​Tentsile, the award-winning brand known for its portable and elevated Tree Tents, is proud to announce it has joined Climate Neutral Certified, an independent and rigorous certification program that verifies a company has achieved net-zero carbon emissions for the entirety of a company’s carbon footprint.

Climate Neutral, a non-profit organization, provides the Climate Neutral Certified label for companies that meet its rigorous standards. The organization has a mission to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world by recruiting companies to publicly measure, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions. Climate Neutral provides the Climate Neutral Certified label to communicate to customers and stakeholders that a brand is committed to a set of immediate and long-term actions to reverse climate change.

“Tentsile is extremely proud and excited to be supporting the Climate Neutral cause to tackle climate change,” said Alex Shirley-Smith, CEO of Tentsile. “Being socially responsible is part of our DNA and one of the main reasons Tentsile was founded. We strive to get more people experiencing the outdoors in new ways as well as educating people on the importance of trees and the huge part they play in combating climate change. By joining Climate Neutral, we are teaming up to create a bigger collective to help make even more substantial progress towards a low carbon future.”

The decision to join this movement aligns with Tentsile’s tree planting program, where the company plants 20 trees for every Tree Tent and hammock sold. Since 2017, Tentsile set a goal to plan one million trees by 2021. Today, Tentsile has planted over 600,000 trees with its tree planting partners WeForest and Eden Reforestation Projects.

“Given the urgency of the climate problem, it is critical for businesses to take responsibility for the carbon pollution generated from making and delivering their products and services,” said Climate Neutral Executive Director, Austin Whitman. “We’re thrilled to have Tentsile join the growing set of companies that have committed to this journey. Our brands are going to lead their industry peers into a new era of social responsibility.”

To learn more about Climate Neutral and about the process of measuring, reducing, and offsetting a business’s entire carbon footprint, please visit climateneutral.org

About Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is an independent non-profit organization enlisting the private business community to halt the effects of climate change. We believe climate neutrality, or achieving a net-zero carbon footprint for a company’s upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions, needs to become the new minimum standard of corporate responsibility for all companies. To learn more about Climate Neutral, including how to become a partner, please visit ​climateneutral.org​.

About Tentsile

Tentsile is an award-winning brand founded on the pillars of passion, respect and innovation with a dedicated mission to inspire a love of trees by elevating the outdoor experience for all. The unique design of Tentsile’s portable tree houses allows people to enjoy the experience of camping amongst the trees, suspended above the ground for increased separation from insects, predators, damp or uneven ground. For each tent sold, Tentsile plants 20 new trees with partner organizations WeForest, The Eden Project and the Arbor Day Foundation. These international nonprofits promote pioneering movements in large-scale sustainable reforestation and poverty alleviation initiatives. Follow Tentsile’s #BecomeOneOfTheMillion campaign as it works toward planting over a million trees by 2021. For more information, visit www.tentsile.com and follow @Tentsile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.