The M.C. Hammie, Hammock 2.0, Has Arrived with Limited Edition Prints

January 24, 2018

R.I.P hammock 1.0. Long live hammock 2.0.

BEND, OR, Jan. 24, 2018WildishTM makers of Outdoorsy Gear™, announced today the arrival of its 2018 limited edition prints of the the M.C. Hammie, available now for purchase at www.staywildish.com/products/m-c-hammie. This innovative piece of Outdoorsy GearTM has many modes and is all-inclusive – no add-ons are necessary.

Learn more about the M.C. Hammie here.

“The initial idea for the M.C. Hammie came from watching a couple trying to spread their hammock out on the beach to sit on,” said Ricky Lee, co-founder of WildishTM. “It looked awkward and didn’t get anywhere close to what the couple needed, a hammock that converts into a blanket. From that simple idea we designed the M.C. Hammie to have many modes, giving more opportunities for play, in any environment.”

There are several ways the M.C. Hammie can be used, many of which have yet to be discovered. It easily converts into a hammock, a blanket, a fort and even a floating couch. The versatility makes it perfect for many environments from the backyard to the beach. Key features include:

  • Many Modes – Hammock, blanket, fort, couch and more.
  • Limited Edition – 2018 prints include the “Crackle,” “Blue Pool”, and “Tropical.” Each print is limited to 300 rare beauties. Hand-numbered and never mass produced.
  • All-Inclusive – Comes with 34 feet of built-in straps, a matching attached stuff sack, eight aluminum tent stakes, eight climbing-grade aluminum carabiners, and 12 feet of cord. Everything you need to get out and play, no add-ons necessary.
  • Kind Fabric – 10 feet x 7 feet soft diamond ripstop nylon; Teflon EcoElite DWR coating for a more environmentally friendly DWR (durable water repellency).

“We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from our crowdfunding supporters and loving seeing the M.C. Hammie in use,” said Adam Allen, co-founder of WildishTM. “We plan to continue producing a limited quantity of exclusive print designs each year. This not only speaks to our commitment to brand innovation, quality and unique outdoorsy gear, but it also keeps the styles fun and fresh for our customers.”

The M.C. Hammie originally launched in spring 2017 on Kickstarter and raised more than $15,000 in just four weeks. Wildish™ successfully fulfilled all crowdfunding orders of its flagship product, the M.C. Hammie, to it backers in time for the 2017 holiday season.
Visit the WildishTM  Outdoorsy vs. Outdoor page to learn more about the difference between Outdoorsy GearTM and Outdoor Gear. Head to the Manifesto page to learn more about the WildishTM mission.

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About Wildish:

WildishTM is a Bend-based startup focused on cutting through the epic outdoor hype by encouraging playful outdoorsy experiences. WildishTM wants everyone to get out and play. For more information about WildishTM, visit https://staywildish.com.