The New Fenix LD22 V2.0 Raises the Performance Benchmark With Multiple Power Options

May 2, 2022

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – What is better than having a powerful flashlight? A powerful flashlight with multiple power options. The newly upgraded Fenix LD22 V2.0 is a AA flashlight that now includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack.

In addition to having the convenience of a USB Type-C rechargeable power source, the LD22 V2.0 is capable of blasting a maximum of 800 lumens across a distance of 702 ft (214 m), making this a great light for multiple scenarios.

Not only is the light brighter and more convenient, but the double sources of power also arm you with the confidence of having an uninterrupted source of light for longer durations.

The LD22 V2.0 balances powerful performance with an excellent build. Only 0.7” round, this multi-use flashlight has a slim design that is easy to grip. A detachable, reversible body clip makes it an easy everyday carry choice.

Made of durable aluminum and IP68-rated, the LD22 V2.0 is a sleek, high-performance flashlight that is also impact resistant and waterproof underwater up to 2 m.

With its combination power source of AA batteries and a rechargeable battery pack, a durable build, and user-friendly design, the LD22 V2.0 is the perfect light for everyday use.

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