The shoe reinvented: NNormal launches Kboix, its most innovative shoe

November 27, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – More than a product, this is a concept to change the game in the trail running industry. One-hundred-and-fifty people will be invited to become part of the Kboix Experience, having the opportunity to test the latest prototype.

NNormal, the outdoor gear brand founded by Kilian Jornet and Camper in 2022, has just launched the model Kboix. It is a modular shoe designed with three interchangeable midsoles that allow each person to choose which midsole to use for each kind of adventure. Each one of these midsoles has been designed for different terrains, different density, and different body types. This, with the aim of developing a shoe that not only has a longer life cycle, but also offers the flexibility to adapt to each individual’s specific needs and the varying terrains or conditions they may encounter. This launch is a step forward in NNormal’s commitment of designing durable and versatile products that adapt to everyone’s evolution and offer the tools for the shoe to have an extended life cycle. The goal is, without a doubt, to change the game and challenge the industry status quo, as well as the consumer behavior.

Fits all, lasts forever

In a world where consumer behavior and industry standards often seem set in stone, Kilian Jornet dared to dream beyond the status quo. His dream was not merely a product but a revolutionary concept that helped users challenge the way we think about trail running shoes and sustainability.

Kboix is not just a shoe; it’s a philosophy brought to life. As its core, this modular trail running shoe is designed with three interchangeable midsoles that adapt to various terrains and body types, embodying the ethos of sustainability through durability.

The multi-activity shoe concept of Kboix transcends the boundaries of traditional running shoes. It caters to a conscious runner. For those early adopters who appreciate longevity and sustainability in their outdoor activities.

Moreover, Kboix understands the importance of individuality. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution but a shoe that adapts to your unique needs and desires. The versatile nature of Kboix allows runners to enjoy the best comfort while clocking in many miles, whether they’re running, hiking, or simply exploring the outdoors.

Kboix represents a daring challenge to the conventional norms of the running shoe industry and consumer behavior. Kilian’s visionary shoe isn’t just about providing a product; it’s about reimagining what’s possible and pushing the boundaries of what sustainability in footwear means.

Kboix Experience

NNormal is inviting users to test the last Kboix prototype to listen to their feedback; 150 testers will be selected.

Kboix will be available in mid 2024. However, those who would like to test the last prototype of this shoe can do it before. NNormal will choose 150 tsters among all these people who register to take part in the Kboix Experience.

The selected users will live the journey hand in hand with the brand and collaborate in the shoe development process, that’s why their feedback will play a crucial role in fine-tuning and perfecting the KBoix. The register form will be available for 3 weeks from November 23 on the NNormal website. The selected profiles will be announced during december.

Your path, No trace.

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