This Tiny Camping Trailer Looks Like a Pocket-Sized Airstream

October 31, 2023

Just-right-sized small camping trailers are pequeño rolling living spaces that offer a respite from the world in a more manageable package than the rolling houses often seen at RV parks; they come in a variety of shapes and packages, from off-road-ready towables that are little more than tents over axles to full-featured jellybeans.

But few look quite as cool as the X-Cabin 300, with its gleaming aluminum-paneled body. With such a small footprint, space inside isn’t exactly luxuriant — but there’s enough for at least one person to stretch out. X-Cabin offers a choice of several interior layouts, from a basic version to the optimized-for-one Solo to the flashier, more sociable Glamp. Gear Patrol