Tonic Eyewear Coming to America

September 16, 2021

TONIC Eyewear is proud to announce that its product line of the worlds most advanced outdoor sunglasses will soon be coming to the United States. These sunglasses have the fit, style, and performance that complement the outdoor life, delivering the form and function required by today’s active sportsmen for virtually any situation.

Founded by Doug Phillips, the designs found under the TONIC Eyewear brand come from over 25 years of experience with anglers and fishing. Every polarized lens features the company’s custom filtration system called Crystalite Glass, creating an effect of supreme clarity, not available until now.

“They are one of the most accurate lenses that you’ll ever want to put your eyes through,” said Philips.

Unlike other manufacturers that use a chemical hardening process to deliver better depth and clarity, TONIC Eyewear uses a kiln to create a harder, more reliable result. That’s how the eventual product can be 1.7 millimeters thick instead of the industry standard of 2.8 millimeters.

Once the filtration technology is infused into the lens and ground to the appropriate size, TONIC Eyewear takes the additional step of de-centering it for the user. “We move the lens center 22 millimeters to the side because of the wrap-around style of our frames,” said Philips. “This design ensures that each user receives the most clarity possible instead of having the possibility of dangerous refractions which hampers the user from seeing the true surroundings.  Everybody remembers having objects shift and move while wearing lower quality optics.

Tonic’s SliceLens™ Technology produces exceptionally thin 1.7 millimeters lenses, making it lighter than any other comparable product on the market today. VistaView™ technology delivers unbelievable accurate depth and distance, while a proprietary anti-reflective process minimizes harmful UV Rays on the inside of the lens.

Implementing each of these advancements individually was our goal.  But the end product, which was produced, provided individuals the freedom to wear the sunglasses from dawn to dusk without risking eye fatigue or headaches.

Polarized Photochromic copper and Polarized Photochromic Grey lenses provide excellent dawn-to-dusk vision. Another option is Copper Neon, delivering overcast and low-light results.

Additional choices include red, blue, silver, or green mirror lenses for high-glare vision.

One of the most popular products from the TONIC Eyewear product line is the Tango frame. It’s purposely designed for all scenarios, ranging from a casual day outside to extreme fishing opportunities. It features a scalloped straight temple with a classic look that delivers the desired result.

The Tango offers lens options that include glass copper photochromic, glass grey photochromic, and glass blue mirror.

“One of the important parts of the photochromic lens is that it pulls the colors out of the water,” said Philips. “If you’re walking up a river and it’s extremely bright, these sunglasses will go dark. When you go beneath the shadows underneath the trees, the lens will back off for high contrast.”

“You will see the true depth and the true distance with the Tango or for that matter, with any other Tonic product.”

Another 1st for the industry is Tonic’s ecommerce approach concerning the company’s website, SeeingFish.com.  All Authorized Dealers will be able to share the profits of sales on the website.  We will divide 30% of retail sales made on SeeingFish.com with dealers within the purchaser’s state.  Dealers will receive payment in the form of product credit for future orders monthly.  Tonic Eyewear North American President, William Shestock, states “to many corporations today compete with their own dealers for sales on company websites.  We won’t do that.  Our dealers work hard representing Tonic and I believe Tonic should work just as hard to represent our dealers.”

All TONIC Eyewear products are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects, please refer to the policy for limitations and exclusions. The North American introduction also provides Tonic Eyewear North America, an unmatched 20-year replacement policy not seen in the sunglass industry.  The policy has enabled our customers to be assured that their Tonics will be there for them.  The policy is straight forward.  It covers any accidental damage that could occur.  “Broken lenses, and broken frames happen” says Shestock, “just because the customer was enjoying them when something unexpected happened, should not be a reason to go through life without their Tonics.”  The policy requires the return of the broken sunglasses to the distributors office and costs the customer 50% of current MSRP + shipping.

More information is available at https://www.SeeingFish.com/

Call Tonic toll free at 855-322-7526 to request help with becoming the first in your area to be an Authorized Dealer.


About TONIC Eyewear:

TONIC Eyewear was created from a passion for producing the most refined sunglass optics possible. Born in Australia and facing some of the harshest conditions on the planet, the brand’s VistaView™ lens represents 25+ years of constantly pushing the boundaries of this technology. We invite everyone to see what they’re missing!