TRAK To Launch The Ultimate Touring Kayak “TRAK 2.O” On Kickstarter

May 17, 2017

More than 10 years of unbridled commitment and 15 months of unparalleled research and development unveil the premier portable touring kayak

CALGARY (May 17, 2017) – TRAK, renowned makers of portable performance kayaks, are launching a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to fund the TRAK 2.0 deemed the Ultimate Touring Kayak on May 23, 2017. More than 10 pounds or 5 kgs lighter than its predecessor and light enough to check on an airplane, the Ultimate Touring Kayak also has more strength in its carbon fibre “ribs” and 3D-printed frame components.

The TRAK 2.0 is equipped with a clever and significantly condensed travel bag system (including an optional flexhaul backpack harness) which measures just over a meter in length.  The improved compact nature ensures portability and ease of storage, coupled with performance on the water, which is unmatched in the marketplace.

Following the success of their most recent portable kayak, the Seeker ST 16, TRAK looked at how the next generation of portable kayaks could be even better. TRAK surveyed their own kayaking community and 1,600 fellow paddlers with questions relating to sea kayaking, paddling, other outdoor activities and how these meld into their lives. Then taking this data, coupled with TRAK’s more than 10 years of experience as a company, they set to work on creating the ultimate touring kayak.

“The data we received was stunning. We listened to what our customers loved about the TRAK (Seeker) and what they’d like to see improved,” said TRAK founder Nolin Veillard. “They loved its portability and ruggedness, but asked if we could make it even stronger, lighter and more portable. And we’ve delivered.”

With the origin of kayak design as their foundation (skin-on-frame Inuit kayaks), TRAK engaged a global community of paddlers – instructors, guides and avid sea kayakers to draw on their wellspring of collective experience and insight to gain clarity in the design and functionality. Named the TRAK 20/20 Team, the group is led by professional sea kayaker and TRAK paddler Jaime Sharp, and each member of the team has been actively testing and critiquing the preliminary prototypes of the Ultimate Touring Kayak across the globe in areas such as Nicaragua, Jamaica, the Bay of Biscay in Spain and France, and the Inside Passage from British Columbia to Alaska.

The group will next assemble in Tofino from May 18-22, 2017 at TRAK’s Pacific Rim Kayak Surf Camp.

This serves as an opportunity to fine-tune the design of the Ultimate Touring Kayak with a hands-on, collective effort in a dynamic environment.

The final, perfected version of the Ultimate Touring Kayak will be manufactured this fall and delivered in early 2018. To be notified when the Kickstarter campaign launches on May 23, 2017, please enter your contact information at www.trakkayaks.com/ultimate.


About TRAK

TRAK Kayaks has been making revolutionary portable, performance kayaks since 2006.  These 16ft touring kayaks have gained a reputation as the kayaker’s portable kayak. Created and designed at its head office in Canada and manufactured at a world renowned outdoor gear facility in the Philippines, TRAK Kayaks are sold in more than 30 countries and paddled on oceans, lakes and rivers the world over. In May 2017, TRAK will be launching its cutting-edge Ultimate Touring Kayak on Kickstarter. Made of military-grade polyurethane and a rugged carbon fibre and aluminum frame, TRAKs are virtually indestructible, fast and (thanks to an adjustable hull), suitable for any water and any level of paddler. With its state of the art travel bag system and newest lightweight components, they can go anywhere.  For more information visit www.trakkayaks.com.

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