Turkey Revolution

April 4, 2023

Author Offers Free E-Book On Turkey Conservation Project

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – “As wild turkeys go, so do America’s forests.”

That revelation is what inspired award-winning wildlife journalist and conservationist Chester Moore to begin his Turkey Revolution project in 2019.

“Particularly in the eastern half of the country, I have found through my travels and talking with many experts that there is a direct relationship between booming turkey populations and healthy forests,” Moore saiid.

“That’s why I began a quest to study what’s going on with wild turkeys and their habitat in 2019 and it’s been a wild, fun journey.”

To celebrate this, Moore is offering during the month of April a free download of his new book Turkey Revolution.

Simply email chester@chestermoore.com and you will get a link to download the fact and action-packed ebook.

“From photographing a very rare color phase turkey near a moose at 9,000 feet in Colorado to traversing the swamps of southern Florida in search of Osceolas, it’s an exciting journey and I learned a lot along the way,” Moore said.

The book chronicles the journeys, looks at cutting-edge research on turkeys and shows ways those who love these game birds and their habitat can promote their conservation.

“The book is my way of honoring all of the great people in agencies like Texas Parks and Wildlife and Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, advocates at the National Wild Turkey Federation and researchers like those at Louisiana State University. A lot of great people are doing great things for turkeys,” Moore said.

“I hope you take advantage of this limited-time free download and see what the Turkey Revolution project is all about.”