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December 12, 2023

Add CBD to Your Favorite Performance Fuel

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – What if there was a way to increase V02, lower blood lactate levels, make strenuous efforts feel more “fun,” and improve the efficiency of heavy breathing during exercise?

A recent study monitored the effects of 300mg CBD on the performance of nine endurance athletes. In a double-blind trial, athletes performed for an hour at 70% VO2, followed by an intense effort to exhaustion, with and without CBD. The athletes that used CBD showed improved VO2, pleasure ratings, reduced blood lactate during the 60-minute efforts, and enhanced VO2 and breathing (RER) in the effort to exhaustion.

  1. Sahinovic, A., Irwin, C., Doohan, P.T. et al. Effects of Cannabidiol on Exercise Physiology and Bioenergetics: A Randomised Controlled Pilot Trial. Sports Med – Open 8, 27 (2022).

Twisted Spoke’s CBD HydroMix is a fast-acting CBD isolate (No THC – you won’t get high) designed to boost your preferred performance drink. Mix this supplement with any hydration, carbohydrate, protein powder, mushroom blend, soup, smoothie, you name it. The Nanotechnology enables CBD absorption by the body far faster and more completely than other products on the market – making it a perfect addition to your preferred performance fuel: Fast-acting CBD that reduces inflammation, performance anxiety, and improved VO2, all in your water bottle.

Twisted Spoke CBD HydroMix has a neutral flavor and mixes easily with your sports drink or add it to a bottle/cup of water. Easy to consume and easy for your body to use, with none of the side effects associated with over-the-counter anti-inflammation pills and supplements.

Boost your performance at a surprisingly affordable price for an athletic supplement – only $1 per 50mg serving at retail. Twisted Spoke is committed to providing adequate doses of CBD at an affordable price to benefit athletes of all types. CBD HydroMix will be sold in tubs with 50 servings, for a total of 2500mg of CBD isolate.

Recent research into elevated CBD doses ranging from 100 to 300mg and beyond demonstrates impressive outcomes, particularly in heightened endurance, increased pain tolerance, and enhanced VO2 Max. Incorporating these higher CBD doses aids in preempting challenges during strenuous and prolonged physical endeavors, making it a valuable addition to practices like stretching, hydration, nutrition, sun protection, and more.

“Most people are using sub-optimal amounts of CBD due to a combination of a lack of information about effective dosing and the high costs of products from many CBD companies,” says Twisted Spoke CBD co-founder Wen Dolphin. “Twisted Spoke provides considerably more CBD at any price point than competitors. We want everyone to experience the benefits of using CBD at effective doses.”

CBD has been tested and found safe in extensive clinical trials for treating medical conditions at doses above 1,000mg daily, with few to no side effects.

Product Details:

  • Convenient, Fast Acting, and Neutral flavor
  • Free of Common Allergens
  • Vegan
  • GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) & ISO 9001
  • Colorado Proud Certification
  • 50 servings (Total of 2500mg per container)MSRP: $49.99