UCO Adds Multiple New Fire Starters to Award-Winning Roster

June 20, 2017

Stormproof Sweetfire and Firestarting Kit among stellar new options

Seattle, WA – June 20, 2017 – UCO, the Washington manufacturer of the original Stormproof Match™, is expanding its award-winning line of fire starters with several new options for 2017. From Stormproof versions and new sizes of its revolutionary Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter to a versatile Firestarting Kit, UCO continues to lead the pack in fire starting innovation.

“Whether in a survival situation, sitting around your campsite or on a family picnic, not being able to get a fire started is one of the most frustrating, nerve-racking and potentially life-threatening things that can happen outdoors,” says Peter Pontano, Industrial Revolution’s Marketing and Product Development Manager. “The UCO team is so stoked (pun intended) to continue bringing fresh ideas to the fire-starting game. This new line of Sweetfire products is really the full package: unstoppable ignition power & long-burning, eco-friendly fuel.”

The new Stormproof Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter is an entirely new take on tinder. UCO took its eco-friendly Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter, which is made from a renewable sugarcane waste product called bagasse, and added a proprietary Stormproof tip to create a product that’s totally reliable, whatever the weather. Stormproof Sweetfire’s unique point shapes come connected and ready to break off, and each has an integrated windproof and waterproof match head. An individual point will burn up to 7 minutes, enough to get a fire started in any condition. MSRP: $4.99/8-pack, $9.99/20-pack

UCO will also introduce the Stormproof Sweetfire Behemoth, the biggest, most submersible tinder on the market. Each 5.5” Behemoth tinder stick features the same eco-friendly materials and Stormproof tip as the Stormproof Sweetfire, with a burn time of 15 minutes. The Behemoth will be packaged in a collectible metal tin that’s easy to pack for any outing. MSRP: $14.99/10-pack

Rounding out the Sweetfire collection are the new Sweetfire Firestarters, a new baseline in fire starting tinder. These rectangular-shaped tablets are comprised of the same eco-friendly bagasse material used in all the Sweetfire products. This configuration has no strikeable tip, and its compact breakable shape makes it a great companion for minimalists and recreational outdoor enthusiasts alike. MSRP: $2.99/24-pack

For those looking for a little variety, UCO offers the new Firestarting Kit. Each kit contains 12 rainproof, waterproof Hurricane Matches (with a burn time of 12 seconds each), along with 3 Sweetfire Fire Starters and 3 replaceable strikers. The kits come packaged in a reusable, waterproof case that weighs just over 1 oz., making it a perfect lightweight option for outings in the backcountry. MSRP: $4.99

The new UCO fire starters will be on display at Summer Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City at the Industrial Revolution booth #40.

About UCO

Cascadian born in 1971, UCO (pronounced “you-co”) provides utility and comfort in the outdoors. UCO’s versatile product line includes the Original Candle Lantern™, innovative LED lighting solutions, the original Stormproof Matches™, Sweetfire Strikeable Firestarters™ and portable grills, versatile products that belong in every pack, on every adventure. UCO is a division of Industrial Revolution, Inc., a Seattle-based company that manufactures and distributes products enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. https://www.ucogear.com/