Uncharted Supply Co. Launches New Life Uncharted Podcast

June 27, 2018

Founder and entrepreneur Christian Schauf hosts podcast featuring voices and personalities from many communities focused on adventure, perseverance, and emergency preparedness.

PARK CITY, Utah (June 27, 2018) – Christian Schauf, entrepreneur and founder of emergency preparedness brand Uncharted Supply Co., is launching the new Life Uncharted podcast. The series focuses on guests who have forged unique paths to success and how they prepare for the unexpected. These stories are told through the voices and real-life stories of entrepreneurs, pro athletes, visionaries, military personnel, business leaders, and authorities in a variety of industries and communities.

Life Uncharted consists of long-form interviews hosted by Schauf and face-to-face sit-downs with guests ranging from world-record holding athletes to high altitude medical specialists and executive coaches. Each week, Schauf will be engaging guests on a broad-range of topics, enticing honest conversations about the unique lives of each guest and how they endured to achieve happiness, satisfaction, and success in their lives.

“We are extremely excited to launch Life Uncharted and fill a void that’s in the podcast world right now in this space,” said Schauf. “The show and content created is a great way to get to know the stories of some amazing people I’ve had the privilege to meet; people who have inspired me with their grit and determination. From triumph to failure and bouncing back, each guest will bring a unique voice and perspective to the podcast that hopefully resonates with all our listeners and leaves them inspired.”

Schauf’s own background provides context to engaging and thought-provoking conversations on not-so-textbook paths to success. After growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, Schauf toured the world for nearly a decade as a musician before he found himself making nearly 40 morale trips to Iraq, getting involved in philanthropy, directing documentaries, and helping start a successful hard-cider business.

His unconventional journey culminated in a realization of his true passion, starting an emergency preparedness brand whose mission is to prepare people and their communities for emergency situations large and small. After collaborating and consulting with experts across multiple fields, Uncharted Supply Co. was born and its flagship product, the SEVENTY2 survival system, was launched to a popular consumer reception. In its first year, the brand has grown tremendously, completed a successful stint on ABC’s Shark Tank,  and asserted itself as a leader in the category as the emergency preparedness market continues to expand. From its success, major investor, The Chernin Group, has backed the brand and its mission to make the world a safer place.

Using his own success stories to connect with guests on a personal level and explore what makes them tick, Schauf kicks off Life Uncharted with six guests: pro skier and entrepreneur Julian Carr, pro BMX rider and world-class ramp builder Nate Wessel, seasoned executive coach Lonnie Mayne, high-altitude medical specialist Dr. Eric Meyer, Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Demong and Former Recon Marine and Blackwater Team member Travis Haley. The broad spectrum of guests and Schauf’s inviting and provoking personal interview style will interest listeners looking for insight from thought-leaders and forward-thinkers across many topics.

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For more about Uncharted Supply Co., please check: unchartedsupplyco.com.

About Uncharted Supply Co.

Uncharted Supply Co. was founded by a community of adventurers and philanthropists all with a shared mission in mind: to educate families, friends, and communities, and prepare them for any kind of emergency. Uncharted seeks to bring peace of mind and emergency preparedness into the modern era. With innovative products like the Seventy2 Survival System, standing ready is no longer just for the doomsayers and survivalists. To learn more about Uncharted Supply Co, visit: unchartedsupplyco.com. Or, follow the them on: Twitter:@unchartedsupply, Instagram: @unchartedsupplyco.