UnTapped Maple announces collaboration with 5-time Olympian Kikkan Randall

February 26, 2021

Williston, VT— Vermont-based all-natural athletic fuel brand, UnTapped Maple announces a partnership with five-time Olympian and gold medalist in cross-country skiing, Kikkan Randall.

Thirty-eight-year-old Randall has been in Olympic retirement for three years, and in that time she has continued to pursue advocacy work, motherhood and competition, noting in her Instagram feel of her upcoming race start,“Preparing for my virtual ‘Birkie’ this weekend and excited to have @untappedmaple waffles and energy sticks on board to keep my energy strong!”

UnTapped has a history of supporting athletes at all levels of competition with the ability to fuel them from start to finish, Randall no exception. Of her Brikebeiner nutrition plan Randall again explains over social media, “I’m predicting it’s going to take me somewhere between 3-4hrs so I’ve got plenty of fuel ready with @untappedmaple waffles and energy sticks. For hydration, I plan to have several bottles of sports drink set up for switching out between laps, saving some extra caffeine for the end!”

UnTapped’s key ingredient, maple syrup, isn’t just about flavor; it’s naturally low glycemic, meaning that it supports a longer lasting burst of energy than other sugary supplements. Also included: Calcium, Riboflavin, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium and other electrolytes that keep muscles firing during extended energy outputs like this year’s virtual 50k Brikebeiner. Randall chose a selection of treats, from UnTapped’s easily packable hydration mixes to energy-packed stroop waffles and of course the traditional .96 oz. of pure Vermont maple syrup in a convenient, tear-open packet.

And Randall says about fueling for her adventures later this spring, “If you have the right fuel, then any adventure is at your fingertips! With UnTapped in my pocket, I am excited to continue exploring new areas close to my home and to start to build up for the hopeful restart of competitions and events in 2021!  As a Mom, I also appreciate the convenience, taste and natural ingredients of UnTapped products to keep my son energized for our adventures too!”

To see more, visit UnTapped at www.untapped.cc

About UnTapped

Founded in 2013, by professional cyclist Ted King, Slopeside Syrup co-founders Doug and Roger Brown and cross country ski coach turned entrepreneur, Andrew Gardner, UnTapped is founded with a focus on maple syrup as a pure energy source for athletic nutrition and offers a complete line of packets, waffles and drink mix for any activity.