Vintage Electric Launches 2nd New Moto-Inspired E-Bike Line for ‘18

June 28, 2018

Tracker / Tracker S offer classic-moto styling plus unmatched power and battery life

Santa Clara, CA — In a past era, a few lucky folks got their thrills by riding motorcycles around large oval wooden board tracks. Vintage Electric has taken the thrill of Board Track Racing into the modern world with their new Tracker line. With the transportation and e-bike industries still buzzing over Vintage Electric’s recent launch of the Scrambler S, they’re now announcing the launch of another moto-inspired line, the new Tracker and Tracker S, both in stock and ready to ship.

The Tracker is the bike that started it all for Vintage Electric in 2013, and it has been completely revamped with improved performance and aesthetic. Where the Scrambler S offers off-road capabilities, the Tracker line is solidly focused on high-performance riding on the road – or even the board track! Whether ripping up the local boulevards in throttle mode or soft-pedalling along the beach-front bike path, the Tracker offers all the power and battery life you could dream of, along with a comfortable, upright position and exquisite handling.

For more Tracker info and imagery: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dio5ookg7e59mrl/AAA08ISYVTE9WGGvZZOS_lGoa?dl=0

For Tracker S info and imagery: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x3xr57dizbaa9ud/AAAcQSTZdY4UiL-qztLJK6fja?dl=0

For Vimeo of Tracker video: https://vimeo.com/266532759

The Tracker and Tracker S – which share the same chassis and spec, except the suspension fork and higher-capacity battery of the S version – combine the bones of a classic Board Track racer, with the soul a Cafe Racer, finished off with the casual look and “it’s all good” attitude of a classic beach cruiser bike. It’s the ideal model for riders looking for a reliable, long-range, powerful and above all super sexy alternative for commuting to work, cruising the boardwalk or heading out on a spirit-lifting,
bugs-in-your-teeth escape down a favorite stretch of open road.

At the heart of the Tracker and Tracker S is a massively powerful lithium battery, enclosed in VE’s signature aluminum battery box: The 1,123-watt/hour unit on the S is unrivaled in the electric bike
market, and can provide power with range up to 75 miles on a full charge (in Street mode), while the Tracker’s slightly smaller battery still offers 702 watt/hours and up to 50 miles on a charge. Paired with a thumb-activated throttle and five levels of pedal assist, both are mild when you need it, and wild when you want it; either way the custom-tuned, hub-mounted motor can power your adventure at speeds of up to 36 MPH (in optional race mode; for use on private property only).

“The Tracker is all about offering a new mode of transportation for the paved world, but one with major potential for its own urban adventures,” says Scott Brown, CEO of Vintage Electric. “Plus, the Tracker line is every bit as well-suited for casual cruising as it is for all-out thrill riding. And as with any Vintage Electric bike, using one as a new form of transportation becomes a way of life, and with the awesome abilities of the new Tracker and Tracker S, this is a serious lifestyle choice for even the most discerning riders.”

With speeds this high, the Tracker line is powerfully built and offers outstanding balance – the ride is decidedly more like that of a small, nimble motorcycle than most bikes out there. Powerful hydraulic-disc brakes keep things under control, while the regenerative rear brake simultaneously returns power to the battery. The rugged, hydroformed aluminum frame and burly double-crown fork options are dressed in a gorgeous, classic aesthetic and the traditional cone-shaped LED headlamp announces its formidable presence and provides plenty of light for your evening jaunts.

“The Tracker line, along with the recently launched Scrambler S, means Vintage Electric has an e-bike option for any classic moto enthusiast or anyone simply trying to get away from the boring, soulless sea of typical e-bikes out there,” adds Brown. “Add to that our other new model, the urban-style Cafe’ and we now offer beautifully styled, high performance bikes for everything from exploring dirt trails in the wilderness, to flying down a coastal byway, to cruising through town to the local coffee shop.”

If you’d like to see the full line of Vintage Electric bikes for yourself, please stop by their newly remodeled retail space in Santa Clara, CA to take one for a ride and get to know their world-class customer service.

About Vintage Electric: Formed to inspire people to move differently through their everyday lives. Vintage Electric was founded in 2013 with the introduction the Tracker. To evolve beyond their start-up roots and transition into a more established presence they’ve successfully developed and launched several new models and unique limited-edition projects. Vintage Electric prides themselves on growing brand and product awareness by introducing premium electric bikes into the marketplace, with emphasis on world-class customer service.