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November 8, 2023

Unexplored trails of Pakistan with Mathias Ekornås

Oslo, Norway/Palo Alto, CA/ 8.11.2023/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Mathias Ekornås – Vitaloop’s very first Brand Ambassador – is a true adventure enthusiast. He doesn’t just climb mountains or travel the world; thanks to an active imagination he can turn the most mundane surroundings into extraordinary experiences. Like when he scaled the equivalent of Kilimanjaro’s 5,895 meters from inside a hotel room during quarantine. Mathias is the very embodiment of the spirit of Vitaloop; unstoppable, determined, and always up for an adventure.

His latest expedition, however, brought him to a place far more inhabitable than an airport hotel – he was determined to do the first ascent of the peak of Toshe V in the remote Pakistan Rupal Valley. And why? “It’s an untouched area”, Mathias Explains. “No one has ever seen Nanga Parbat from this perspective. There’s a unique beauty in that.”

“Vitaloop played a pivotal role in this journey, providing clean, cold water at high altitudes, ensuring safety and hydration”. Mathias emphasizes. “Vitaloop allowed us to enjoy cold water without the need to boil it continuously, and it tasted sooo much better! The efficiency and the shortened time of getting clean water made a huge difference. The value of the nifty filtration bottle became extremely evident along the perilous Caracuan Highway, the water there is notoriously hazardous to drink. Doing that can be life-threatening, you can’t risk getting sick on such expeditions; it’s too dangerous. but with Vitaloop even that water was not a problem. Safety and trust in our gear, especially when it comes to water, are paramount during such adventures. Vitaloop enabled us to continue and stay focused on our goals without the added stress.”

Ultimately, the constant threat of avalanches forced Mathias and his teammate, Lars Petter Jonassen, to make a difficult decision – turn back just meters away from the peak. They still regard their expedition as a success, valuing the experience, lessons learned, and shared memories. But does this mean their expedition was a failure? Not at all. They believe that success wasn’t just about reaching the top.

“The summit is just a brief moment”, says Mathias, “while the journey itself can be equally, if not more, life-changing than reaching it. We are already thinking of returning in a warmer season. And when we do, getting fresh, healthy, and great tasting water throughout the expedition – a major concern of old – is no longer part of the equation”.

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