VITALOOP – The Future of Portable Water Filtration is here

August 14, 2023

Brings Purity and Innovation to Every Adventure.

Oslo, Norway/ Palo Alto, CA – August 14, 2023/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – A groundbreaking product emerges in an age where water quality can no longer be taken for granted. Born from a vision of creating a sustainable, efficient, and convenient water solution, Vitaloop promises to revolutionize how adventurers and travelers stay hydrated.

Imagine a world where you’re not just drinking water, but experiencing it in its purest form, no matter where you are. That’s the world we aim to build with Vitaloop,” states Arild Vikingstad, the visionary behind this groundbreaking innovation.

Convenient Multistage filtration: Vitaloop isn’t just another water bottle, a next-gen portable hydration system. It’s all in one convenient bottle that provides hassle-free filling and filtration. It’s fill and go. The no-compromise-designed multistage purification system offers options for water quality and health needs. Whether hiking in the mountains or trekking in tropical terrains, Vitaloop is tailored to ensure you get the cleanest, healthiest water with different filter options.

Carry less, adventure more: Vitaloop challenges the notion of ‘travel weight.’ Instead of lugging around liters of water, adventurers can now simply carry the compact 500-gram Vitaloop bottle. Its innovative design ensures you and your group have a water supply without the burden of excess weight.

Superior taste: Enjoy water that’s safe and delightfully refreshing. Perfect to enhance that morning wilderness coffee.

A battery that keeps going: Much like the relentless spirit of explorers, Vitaloop’s battery doesn’t quit. It promises two weeks of hydration on a single charge – nearly a Gallon/4 liters per day.

Safety and wellness options: Choose from Vitaloop Outdoor for outdoor protection or upgrade to Outdoor Defender for the ultimate shield in any environment. Vitaloop Health provides enhanced water with a 30% boost in Magnesium and Alkalinity.

This groundbreaking hydration solution is launching exclusively on Indiegogo on August 22. Vitaloop is already in production and will ship soon after the campaign starts. Plans are already in place to make Vitaloop available at leading outdoor, travel, and camping retailers, bringing this innovation to the hands of adventurers everywhere.

Vitaloop is more than just another piece of outdoor gear; it’s a promise – a commitment to safety, adventure, and respect for our planet. As we tread further into the unknown, products like these will guide our steps, ensuring we explore more responsibly.

Early bird pricing from USD 99 on Indiegogo https://igg.me/at/vitaloop

Retail price USD 149.

Website: https://vita-loop.com/

For media inquiries, product samples, or interviews, please contact arild.vikingstad@vita-loop.com.

Mobile US: +1 650 843 9149

Mobile Norway: +47 928 86 980

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