WaveCel Partners with Backbone to Accelerate Brand Awareness and Safety Innovation

May 2, 2024

PORTLAND, OR (May 2, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – WaveCel, setting new benchmarks in helmet safety technology by going beyond standards to protect the head and the brain, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Backbone as its integrated marketing agency of record. This collaboration marks a significant step in WaveCel’s mission to revolutionize helmet safety across various industries.

Since its debut in 2019 within the sports sector, with Trek Bicycle and Burton/Anon embracing WaveCel technology in cycling and ski/snowboard helmets respectively, WaveCel has been at the forefront of safety solutions that revolutionize what’s inside a helmet. Now, with Backbone onboard, WaveCel aims to amplify its efforts in helmet safety by emphasizing the importance of brain protection and redefining the essence of what a helmet should provide.

“Backbone’s experience and expertise growing brand awareness in a dynamic media landscape make them the ideal partner for WaveCel,” said David Visnack, Chief Marketing Officer at WaveCel. “As we expand our focus to address workplace safety in manufacturing and heavy industrial settings, we are confident in Backbone’s ability to effectively communicate our brand message to consumers.”

WaveCel launched a line of hard hats in 2022 designed to mitigate traumatic brain injuries resulting from slips, falls or impacts from falling objects. The WaveCel T2+ PRO and T2+ MAX models offer unparalleled protection, surpassing industry standards by safeguarding against rotational forces as well as lateral impacts.

“As avid skiers and cyclists ourselves, we are intimately familiar with WaveCel Technology,” said Melissa Boisjoly, senior director at Backbone Media. “We are excited to support the brand’s continued expansion into new categories.”

Founded by a leading surgeon and biomedical engineer, WaveCel’s technology, rooted in scientific research and rigorous testing, features a spatial cellular structure that absorbs energy from impacts through crumpling, flexing, and gliding mechanisms. With up to 73% more rotational force absorption compared to standard helmets, WaveCel significantly reduces the risk of concussion, making safety a top priority.

For more information about WaveCel and its innovative safety solutions for helmets, please visit WaveCel.com.

About WaveCel:

Based in Oregon and founded in 2016 by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steve Madey and biomechanical engineer Dr. Michael Bottlang, WaveCel is a leading innovator in helmet safety technology. WaveCel’s spatial cellular structure revolutionizes helmet design, offering unparalleled protection against head injuries. With a commitment to advancing safety standards across industries, WaveCel continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Learn more at WaveCel.com and follow WaveCel on Instagram, Facebook and X.