Wheel Estate Celebrates 1900% Growth In Just Over One Year Since Launch

June 26, 2018

Peer-to-Peer Trailer Rental Disrupting Half a Billion Dollar RV Rental Industry

CALGARY (June 26, 2018) – In just over one year in business, Canadian start-up Wheel Estate has seen monumental growth to the tune of 1900%. Wheel Estate is an online marketplace that connects RV and trailer owners with those looking for an affordable camping vacation while enabling owners to offset some of the costs of owning these large vehicles.

The concept was born out of the 2008 recession when co-founders Chad and Cherie Ball were looking to take their family on a vacation without breaking the bank. Now they want to help others, including families like theirs, to experience the joy of being in nature.

“We’ve made camping more accessible to people and at the same time we’re helping empower people on an individual level to put more money back in their pockets,” says Chad. “We are even seeing some people launch a micro-business through our platform. People are writing in asking us which trailers are performing best as they plan to invest in a trailer just to be able to rent it through Wheel Estate. We have one member who now has four trailers on the site.”

The Wheel Estate website is free to list and it has a $1 million insurance policy – a process that took Chad and Cherie six years to secure. There are already more than 700 travel trailers signed up to the site across Canada, and that number is growing everyday.

“We really credit the growth to our incredible community,” comments Cherie.  “The owners have really adopted it as their own providing awesome guest experiences that are already driving repeat guests.”

Highlighted below are key statistics:

  • Average nights booked is six.
  • The average cost per night is $107.00.
  • Prices start at $40.00 and range to $250.00 depending on what type of experience a guest is looking for.
  • Guests have spent more than 60,000 hrs out on the road with Wheel Estate last year alone.
  • Trailer owners have already made more than half a million dollars renting through Wheel Estate.
  • There are approx. 2.1M RV’s in Canada.
  • 90% of them are in the towable category.
  • On average, travel trailers are only used 14 days per year.
  • Canadians RV owners on average spend $1.9B on insurance, maintenance and storage costs – all for trailer they aren’t even using.
  • There are more than 40 Million camping enthusiasts in North America alone that would love an opportunity to rent their neighbour’s trailer.
  • Wheel Estate is disrupting the traditional brick and mortar RV rental business which is over a half-a-billion dollar industry in North America in the summer months alone.

For more information on Wheel Estate, please visit https://wheelestate.ca. 


About Wheel Estate
Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Wheel Estate is a Canada’s most trusted peer to peer RV Sharing Marketplace.  Wheel Estate allows qualified trailer owners to rent their trailers to verified guests looking to create new experiences and lasting memories. Owners can quickly start earning money by easily listing their RV trailers for free. Guests can search, discover and book RV trailers that perfectly suits their needs. With over 2.1 million registered RV trailers in Canada, owners now have a way to offset their costs, fund that winter getaway or simply help with the monthly bills. Wheel Estate’s mission is simple…to help create meaningful experiences, every trip.

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