Why all the hype about CampMaid?

June 22, 2017

Outdoor Retailer Interview with CampMaid Inventor for OR Show

Award winning CampMaid is the industry’s fastest growing outdoor cooking gear company in recent history. CampMaid launched in 2013 with a revolutionary patented design for a Dutch oven lid holder. Just four years later, CampMaid has added over 30 new products that transform traditional Dutch ovens into a smoker, griddle, grill, pizza oven, steamer, and ultimately a complete camp kitchen in a bag.

Q: What do you think makes CampMaid so popular?

A: Cast iron and Dutch oven cooking fanatics haven’t seen anything new or revolutionary in decades. In fact, in over 300 years of Dutch oven cooking, no one has invented a tool that safely and efficiently removes the lid and keeps it out of the dirt. CampMaid has made Dutch oven cooking popular with younger generations, and revamped markets such as scouting, preparedness, tailgating, RV’ing, and camping.

Q: What makes CampMaid superior to other cast iron companies?

A: Other Dutch oven tools are big and bulky which is why a lot of people don’t like to pack it in their camping gear. All of CampMaid’s tools are compact and designed to fold down to store inside a 12” Dutch oven. CampMaid’s tools are also designed to be multi-functional by transforming into multiple uses.

Q: What is your environmental impact and mission?

A: I have always enjoyed the outdoors and taught my children to leave a campground cleaner than the way we found it. Unfortunately, cooking with charcoal can be messy and leaves ashes. Our Leave-No-Trace philosophy is in everything we create from our tools designed for mess containment to our eco-friendly design.

Q: What are some of the new products we can expect to see unveiled this year?

A: We are really excited to announce our new eco-Coconut Charcoal which has been tested and proven to burn 2x’s as hot, and 2x’s as long as regular manufacturer. The best feature is that the ashes are a natural fertilizer and good for the environment. We are also launching our new all-weather fuel cubes, BBQ tools, the Fil-n-Go which is a camp caddy for all of your essential cooking utensils and toiletries, and our line of award-winning camp sauces, marinades, and spice rubs.

Q: What are some of the awards CampMaid has won?

A: Last year at the OR Show, CampMaid won the Outdoor Retailer Light My Fire Award for our new portable, collapsible Charcoal Chimney that folds down to store inside a 12” Dutch oven. CampMaid’s multi-use Dutch oven tools have also won the Best New Product at the National Hardware Show.

Q: What have you learned about how to effectively market and sell CampMaid to end-users?

A: CampMaid is a unique concept and sitting in a box doesn’t do it justice. We have learned over the last year that videos showing the many uses, and store displays showing how the tools are set-up, make all the difference in generating customer awareness and sales. CampMaid supports its retailers through paid social media, advertising, and events. We coordinate with our retailer’s launch and campaigns to ensure a successful kick-off, staff training, and continued sales.