World Premiere Above Mount -Blanc: Soul Flyers Accomplish the Longest Relief Flight in Wingsuit

November 8, 2022

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – After flying over the pyramids of Egypt at the end of last year and more recently the Taj Mahal, Fred Fugen, the most famous wingsuiter, is tackling another monument… Natural this time! Flying close to the Roof of Europe and continuing with a flight in relief – the longest ever – to the Chamonix valley, this is the latest feat that Fred Fugen has just accomplished alongside Vincent Cotte and Aurélien ” Bras Noir” Chatard, his two acolytes from Team Soul Flyers.

A never before done 3 minute and 5 second flight line that starts just above the summit of Mont Blanc and stretches up to the skies of Les Houches, i.e. 12 km of horizontal distance and 3,650 m of vertical drop before the opening of the parachute.

Fred Fugen describes the flight: “The first 500 meters at high altitude were the most impressive. The passage just above the summit of Mont Blanc was legendary! We almost touched it. I’ve always dreamed of it! Flying for so long with my buddies in this breathtaking landscape is an experience I will never forget. »

The images are spectacular and rare… After flying over Mont Blanc, the 3 wingsuiters engage in a two-minute descent at high speed, pointing at 200 km/h, above crevasses, séracs and glaciers. There, the reading of the terrain, the maneuvers in turns and the dives are of extreme finesse. At the exit of the glacier, they still have a minute of flight over the forest, before opening up in the sky of Les Houches.

In this world first, performance is not only about finding the optimal line and flying close to the terrain. It is also about maintaining the three-man formation. All this is possible thanks to the communications that we hear in the video. Precise and fast exchanges, facilitated by the Cardo Systems wireless communications system, which immerse the spectator even more in the action.