World Premiere: ‘The White Giant’ with Krister Kopala

February 16, 2023

February 1, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Krister Kopala’s new movie ‘The White Giant’ will premiere on February 1st, 7pm GMT, at Rab’s YouTube channel. The film features Krister, Rab athlete and professional splitboarder from Norway, on some of the most unforgiving lines on Jiehkkevárri, which is the highest and arguably most remote mountain in Norway’s Lyngen Alps.

Last year, Krister dedicated his season to riding some of the most challenging lines on Jiehkkevárri. With its 1100 vertical meters of rock, ice, snow and no fall zones, the massive South Face was by far the most intimidating line of them all. ‘The White Giant’ documents Krister’s journey on this impressive mountain and his project to ride the steepest lines of his life.

Krister’s ride of Jiehkkevárri’s South Face also won this year’s Mountains On Stage ‘Line of the Year’. The line is considered one of the steepest and most demanding ever to have been ridden in Norway and it was the first ever descent made on a splitboard.

Watch the White Giant Trailer HERE.

Want to hear more about Krister? Head over to Rab’s Mountain People podcast where Krister talks of cutting-edge descents (including his latest film ‘The White Giant’), and his journey from the speed of freeride snowboarding to more nuanced technical steep snowboarding where the consequences of one mistake can be fatal. As well as the continual learning and challenge of finding the courage to turn back when conditions seem uncertain.

Krister’s story about his descent of Jiehkkevárri’s South Face is available at Rab’s Basecamp Blog HERE.

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