Wūru Wool Gaining a Foothold in Long-distance Running Circles

March 1, 2019

Trail runners & ultramarathoners find it key in combating blisters

SALT LAKE CITY — For decades, New Zealanders have used loose Merino wool to prevent painful blisters from developing on their feet and toes. Now, with Wūru Wool becoming widely available, marathoners, trail runners and other North American athletes are discovering the benefits and comfort of loose lanolin-rich wool.

“I couldn’t live without it,” said Vanessa Bucklin, 41, an ultramarathoner from Conrad, Montana. “It’s outstanding. I’ve gone from having horrible blisters from running to none at all.”

Bucklin, who averages 50 miles a week in her training regime, says she tried a wide array of tricks and products to prevent blisters from forming on her feet. But finding Wūru in 2018 allowed her to run the 50-mile Le Grizz ultra last October with pain-free feet.

“I really believe in it,” Bucklin said.

So, too, does trail runner Jameson Clover, 38, of Portland, Oregon, who said blisters have been the bane of her existence for years.

“I’ve done it all – tape, new shoes, different socks,” Clover said. “The concept of putting loose wool around my toes and heels was totally foreign to me, but once I tried Wūru I totally get it.”

Clover used Wūru in February when she ran 103 miles on the North Nasty loop in Portland, Oregon.

“Actually,” she said of Wūru, “I’m pretty stoked about it.”

Wūru is sold in .75 ounce bags ($10.95) that contain about 20-30 applications per bag. Wūru is available on the company’s website, on Amazon or at a growing number of specialty retailers across the United States.