Xtracycle Advances Electric Cargo Bike Lineup with More Power, Speed and Utility as Popularity Surges

October 10, 2023

Cargo bike pioneer celebrates 25 years with expanded options on award-winning suite.

MILL VALLEY, CA (October 10, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Xtracycle, industry pioneers and innovators of high-quality family cargo bikes, responds to increased adoption and demand in the e-cargo market with an expanded product offering, bringing more speed with new versions of flagship models and added customization with new bag options.

Maintaining Xtracycle’s 25-year promise of real-ride quality, everyday-use design, industry leading safety, and rider-centric features, the mid-tail RFA–short for “Ready for Anything”–and signature longtail Swoop are now available in Class 3 versions featuring the Shimano EP6 series drive system with 28 mph max-assist.

”It’s exciting to see cargo bikes being used for more than just weekend recreation,” said Steve Zourntos, Director of Product Development. “As more riders depend on them to commute, haul families, and run errands, we’ve expanded our offerings to meet growing needs. Our core focus remains on elevating the cargo experience and ensuring the safety and reliability families expect from our bikes, whether tackling the day’s to-do list or adventuring on the weekends.”

The Class 3 RFA and Swoop will join the existing Class 1 RFA and Swoop models in the lineup. Xtracycle’s Class 3 cargo e-bikes allow for faster speeds to better keep up with traffic and cut transit time, in addition to toting passengers and cargo. The Class 1 RFA and Swoop are ideal for riding with younger kids or on regulated trails where assist speeds are capped at 20mph. The new longtail BoomBox bag and RFA CargoBay bags round out the collection of functional accessories that allow riders to further customize their ideal passenger and cargo setup.

“Feedback from our customers has shown us there is an appetite for models that could go farther and faster for daily transportation needs,” said Marie-Claire Leman, Director of Customer Experience at Xtracycle. “Understanding this demand, we’ve leveled up our options while maintaining the capability, comfort and handling that makes Xtracycle the leader in family bikes. We want to provide the right bike for each rider’s personal adventure.”

The new Class 3 RFA, BoomBox bag, and CargoBay bag are available now at Xtracycle.com, the Class 3 Swoop has launched for pre-sale and will begin shipping November 2023.

Potential customers can tap real-life owner insights via the Everyday Rider Map and use in-depth customer service tools, including the RideGuide bike finder and no-pressure RideReview calls with Xtracycle’s unrivaled customer service team to find the right fit.


About Xtracycle

Xtracycle is the pioneer in e-cargo bicycles designed for car-free utility and family fun. Xtracycle spurred North America’s cargo bike boom 25 years ago with its innovative longtail engineering, dedicating the decades following to perfecting a balanced ride quality, carrying capacity, and safety. Today, Xtracycle empowers riders to have more sustainable experiences in everyday life with the ability to turn daily routines into rejuvenating adventures. Learn more at Xtracycle.com.