Yuba Bikes Introduces New Flip Flop Kids Bike

May 17, 2017

Bikes That Grow With Your Kids

Cotati, CA (May 16, 2017) -Yuba Bikes www.yubabikes.com, is pleased to launch fun new prints in the 2017 Flip Flop line, adding a touch of nature and making riding even more fun while getting kids excited about being on a bike.

As a family brand, Yuba understands the need to get children outside and active at an early age, engraving memories that last forever. Building a bike that’s both fun and teaches balance skills that last a lifetime, Yuba offers the world’s first kids cargo balance bike.

In addition to cute prints, unique to the Yuba Flip Flop is its ability to grow with your child. Start them out on the low frame setting, and as they grow, flip the frame over to the high setting for another year of fun, with the easy ability to flip it back down for a younger sibling.

Super-cool add on accessories make it possible for your child to load up the cargo hold, carrying rocks, snacks, dolls or any other necessities that make a grand adventure even better.

Offered in two new color patterns, the eye catching Giraffe and Cow prints are fun at any age, plus the solid color means there’s something for everyone. Add accessories for a kids’ cargo hauling balance bike ready for any summer adventure.

Price: $120
Availability: now

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