Yuba Bikes Launch MEGA Mundo

April 1, 2019

Carry 8 Kids on 1 Bicycle!

Cotati, CA (April 1, 2019) – Yuba Bikes is excited to introduce the MEGA Mundo cargo bike. With some riders saying the Mundo just isn’t enough with its 440 lbs. of cargo carrying capacity, Yuba is heeding the call. Introducing the MEGA Mundo – double the size, double the fun!

The MEGA Mundo can haul up to 880 lbs. of cargo or eight middle schoolers on science fair day, a pile of soccer balls and the class hamster (preferably in its cage).

This monster cargo bike is handcrafted from two perfectly good Mundo frames and outfitted with a rare size wheel and a pair of beach cruiser handlebars. The MEGA Mundo feels a lot like riding a horse, saddle and all. It’s elevated step over frame is a perfect fit for giants and basketball players alike.

Now with the doubled carrying power of the MEGA Mundo, there is nothing stopping you from making that epic Costco run the day before Thanksgiving by bike. Yes, the Bread Basket is the perfect place for the frozen turkey and it’s completely compatible.

The MEGA Mundo is a limited edition item, available for one day only! This day, April 1st.

MSRP: $401

*While this advertisement is indeed an April Fools Joke, the MEGA Mundo shown in these images is a real live bicycle. (There is a MINI Mundo too, but that’s another story.) The MEGA Mundo was not harmed during the making of this joke.


Yuba Bicycles was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Benjamin Sarrazin, who is on a mission to bring the European cycling lifestyle and utility to the United States. Cargo bikes are an authentic means of sustainable transportation that can help make a tangible change within our vehicle dependent society. Yuba manufactures award-winning environmentally sustainable pedal and electric cargo bikes that provide significant utility, convenience and health benefits for riders of all ages. Life is better and more productive on two-wheels. Visit for more information and dealer locations.

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