Zenbivy Reaches $50,000 Kickstarter Crowdfunding Goal in First 48-Hours of Campaign

June 7, 2017

SPOKANE, Wash.  – Zenbivy, an innovative, outdoor start-up company focused on bringing you a comfortable night’s sleep in the outdoors, successfully funded its recently launched Kickstarter campaign in the first 48 hours. With a fundraising goal of $50,000, Zenbivy’s campaign received overwhelming support in the first two days collecting more than $54,000 from more than 220 backers from around the world. The crowdfunding program aims to raise funds for its flagship product – the Zenbivy Bed – while engaging the outdoors and active lifestyle communities to get involved in helping bring the future of comfortable, modern sleeping bags to market.

“We have been overwhelmed with the passionate support we are receiving, and it is gratifying to see a community starting to build around our vision for a minimal and comfortable outdoor experience,” says Zenbivy founder Michael Glavin. “We are thankful to be on track early in the campaign so we can focus on connecting with our community and sharing their passion with others.”

The Kickstarter campaign currently has 22 days to go, and concludes on June 29. As of today, the support and momentum continues to grow with $63,000 being raised by 262 backers.

Head to the Kickstarter page now: HERE

The Zenbivy Bed is disrupting the conventional way of sleeping outdoors by bringing you freestyle sleeping – an easy-to-use system that meshes comfort over a wide temperature range, natural freedom of movement, and choice materials to deliver an experience that’s as close as possible to a good night’s sleep at home.

A game-changer in the sleeping bag market, the Zenbivy Bed is designed on the foundation of comfort and moves with you when you want to move, while eliminating the chance for any draft between baffles with its innovative overlapping construction. The two-piece design features a unique comforter that lies on top of a fitted-sheet and zips into place on top, rather than on the edges – freeing the quilt to spread out or wrap snugly around you without restriction. So, regardless if you sleep on your stomach, back, or side, the Zenbivy Bed lets you move naturally and effortlessly for a better sleep experience during your adventures – from under the stars in the backcountry to car camping and family road trips.

The Zenbivy Bed is available in three sizes and features: 700 fill-power HyperDRY™ water-resistant down, a temperature rating of 25-degrees, a separate quilt convertible footbox that lets the quilt unzip flat, a lightweight, built-in secure sleeping pad sleeve with hood, weighs 2 lbs. 6 ozs. (regular size), and MSRP is $260 (regular size).

Help the Zenbivy Bed come to life, and head over to Kickstarter: HERE.

About Zenbivy
The intersection of comfort and minimalism, Zenbivy is a peaceful rebellion against traditional outdoor gear, designed to get you outdoors more often, and with less burden. The innovative, outdoor-inspired start-up’s original product – the Zenbivy Bed – bucks the status quo of sleeping bags. A two-piece design that is constructed to move with you, the Zenbivy Bed delivers ultimate warmth and an at-home-like sleep experience while you’re enjoying the outdoors. For more info about Zenbivy, please visit: Zenbivy.com.

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