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October 20, 2023

VANTAA (October, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Some people choose the comfort of their couch, whilst athletes prefer to breath the fresh forest air, to sweat, and to challenge themselves physically. Always on the lookout for the perfect solution, today, Suunto became the first sports company to present a new audio product developed by athletes for athletes: the new Suunto Wing open-ear sports headphones featuring bone-conduction technology. Unlike traditional headphones that transmit acoustic vibrations through the air, the Suunto Wing uses a more innovative method of sound transmission.

Bone-sound technology transmits vibrations directly to your inner ear via the cheekbones, bypassing the eardrum. This allows users to continue to hear sounds around them, such as the sound of approaching vehicles or a bicycle bell, increasing safety in both urban settings and in nature. In addition, the bone-sound headphones do not create pressure in the ear canal, making them more comfortable to wear for a longer time.

The titanium and silicone headphones weigh just 33 grams and sit comfortably and securely on the head, under a helmet or cap, and even during highly active sports.”

Petri Lehtovirta, Suunto’s Head of Product

IP67 certification confirms they can withstand temporary submersion to a maximum depth of one meter of water for a maximum of 30 minutes, so they are tough enough for all weather conditions. They can withstand temperatures from -20°C up to 60°C making them ready for any climate.

Bone-sound technology allows vibrations to be transmitted directly to the inner ear via the cheekbones, bypassing the eardrum. This means ambient sounds, such as the crack of an avalanche starting, or an approaching electric vehicle, are not blocked out.

Three buttons can be used to adjust the volume, switch to the next song, or accept a phone call. If you don’t have a free hand in one moment, no problem. You can answer and end phone calls by nodding or shaking your head and activate the music control to jump to the next song.

Bright LED lights placed on the side of the module behind the ear improve safety by increasing how visible you are. The different light modes can be set in the Suunto app.

“In nature, it’s very important for me to hear all the sounds around me and when I’m shooting, I usually don’t have my hands free, so I find the Head Movement Control very helpful.“

Philipp Reiter, Alpinist and Suunto Ambassador

The headphones can be fully charged in just one hour and can then be used for approximately 10 hours. A 10-minute charge in between gives up to three hours more playing time. The portable charging station the headphones come with can be used as a power bank on the go and extends the battery life by up to 20 hours. The power level is visible on the station.

Suunto Wing Key features: 

  • Weight: 33 grams
  • Material: titanium and silicone
  • Technology: bone conduction technology
  • Fully charged in 1 hour for up to 10 hours of playing time
  • Charge for 10 minutes and your device can last for 1-3 hours
  • Portable charging station can be used as a power bank and extends the battery life by up to 20 hours
  • Dual microphone and cVc (clear Voice capture) noise cancellation
  • Head Movement Control
  • Bright LED lights on the side of the module
  • IP67 certification
  • Temperatures from -20°C up to 60°C

The Suunto Wing headphones will be available from October 17, 2023 for $199 in Lava Red and Black colors.

About Suunto: We stand for adventure. Pioneering has been in our DNA since 1936 when Finnish orienteer Tuomas Vohlonen searched for a more accurate compass and invented a new way to make liquid-filled compasses. Today, Suunto is at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers, compasses, and digital services used by adventurers around the world.

We pride ourselves on the fact that Suunto products are not only robust but also have an everyday aesthetic that reflects our Nordic identity. Suunto’s headquarters and factory are still located in Finland.


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