Addaday Rolls out Partnership with Backbone Media

December 8, 2015

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (December 8, 2015) – Addaday, the scientifically designed massage tool company, has selected Backbone Media to be its public relations agency of record.

As part of a daily recovery and health maintenance program athletes can now mimic the techniques used by physical therapists to speed recovery and eliminate muscle and tendon scarring and improve performance. Addaday’s various tools offer a wide variety of massage techniques that have helped athletes relieve signs of IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, hamstring strains, shin splints, low back tightness and glute pain.

The brand’s signature rollers feature unique “gears” that knead like a therapist’s elbow for deep tissue relief and are easy to navigate around the body.

“Backbone has a proven track record helping companies reach new and broader markets,” says Addaday marketing director, Karen Henry. “Our brand started with running specialty and we’re excited to introduce our products to other active lifestyle audiences.”

“Addaday’s products have an almost universal appeal,” says Ian Anderson, Backbone Media PR director. “From runners and triathletes to skiers and climbers, everyone can benefit from rolling out their muscles before and after exercise. Addaday wants to help people add a day of training, racing or simple happiness to their lives and that’s a mission we certainly support.”

About Addaday:

Founded in 2011, Addaday builds products to help people of all ages and abilities move more and feel better. Addaday’s easy-to-use and effective massage tools relieve tight muscles and reduce soreness. Addaday is committed to supporting specialty retailers that are building communities and offering exceptional service. For more information, visit www.addaday.com.