Bon Voyage

August 10, 2023

James Pearson Journey Into Flow State on The World's Hardest Trad Line

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – We are thrilled to announce the release of a video that delves into the awe-inspiring journey to Flow state of long-time Wild Country athlete James Pearson, as he conquers “Bon Voyage” (Annot, France), possibly the world’s hardest single-pitch trad climb.

James’ hardest trad route yet

In the recent past James Pearson has achieved remarkable milestones, including the second ascent of Jacopo Larcher’s legendary “Tribe” in Caderese, Italy, believed to be in the 5.14d range, and two of the hardest trad routes in the UK (“Lexicon” by Neil Gresham and “Rhapsody” by Dave MacLeod, both with grade E11 7a, translating roughly to 5.14 R).

Despite this illustrious trad resume, when James made the first ascent of Bon Voyage last February, he refused to assign a definitive grade to this line, leaving future repeaters “to give their opinion, and eventually we settle on a consensus”.

Nevertheless, this route – which shares the opening section and first boulder problem with “Le Voyage” (E10 or bold 5.14), FA’d by James in 2017 – took him longer than any other route or boulder problem (20 days effort over two years and ten redpoint attempts).

In the video presented by Wild Country, directed by Raphaël Fourau, James Pearson shares his personal experience while climbing “Bon Voyage.” The film takes viewers on a gripping journey into James’ quest of the Flow state, unveiling the wisdom of releasing the pursuit of perfection, embracing self-doubt while balancing climbing with parenthood, and ultimately cherishing the joy of climbing at whatever level it may manifest.

This exclusive video is not merely a tale of remarkable achievement, but an invitation for fellow climbers and enthusiasts to seek their own path to Flow.

What is the Flow?

A familiar concept for many climbers, the Flow has been at the heart of Wild Country’s focus since the beginning of this year, exemplified through product innovation and captivating storytelling.

It is the state where focus, relaxation, and the joy of climbing converge, fostering an unspoken passion that bonds the climbing community worldwide. #FeeltheFlow

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