Breathes Better, Feels Softer, Weighs Less – Outdoor Vitals’ Nebo Windbreaker is Finally Here

March 21, 2023

CEDAR CITY, Utah (Mar 21, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/Outdoor Vitals, the Utah-based performance outdoor apparel and gear brand, continues to innovate in the outdoor space with the addition of the Nebo Windbreaker to their line. The Nebo is an ultralight 4.4 oz jacket that redefines the category, offering more breathability and versatility than other options on the market.

Named after a rugged peak on which it was tested, this novel windbreaker is incredibly versatile and can be used year-round as an essential part of various layering systems. The cutting-edge design ensures optimal ventilation, preventing moisture from building up inside the jacket to keep adventurers comfortable and dry.

“At Outdoor Vitals, we are looking to be a part of the evolution of lightweight gear and apparel,” said Tayson Whittaker, founder of Outdoor Vitals. “When designing the Nebo, we set out to make something that we couldn’t find on the market, a wind layer that strikes a balance between breathability and protection. We tested a variety of fabrics and designs to create this unique offering that allows for perspiration to escape while eliminating wind chill. The result is the most versatile jacket we have ever produced.”

This ultralight piece features a single-layer 20D fabric with a soft texture that eliminates the clammy sensation that many wind layers create, allowing users to take on any outdoor activity with ease. The Nebo’s ultralight design and exceptional breathability make it the perfect layer for runners or hikers. It’s also a great piece to wear over a baselayer to take the edge off on a brisk morning. A DWR treatment helps to shed moisture, while the fitted hood allows for added protection when a storm rolls in.

The $124.97 Nebo Windbreaker is a great companion for any adventure. From blustery summer days to frigid winter conditions, this wind layer always has a place in your pack.

To learn more about the Nebo Windbreaker visit www.outdoorvitals.com.


About Outdoor Vitals

Unencumbered by price points or corporate strategies, Outdoor Vitals is passionate about helping others to live ultralight, and its sole mission is to provide gear that makes backcountry travel easier. Outdoor Vitals is committed to designing innovative products that make the outdoors more comfortable, cutting out everything that is unnecessary without impeding function or durability. The result is a line of carefully constructed products that are ideal for backcountry travel. Today, Outdoor Vitals offers a wide array of unique products, including backpacks, jackets, tents, pants, baselayers, sleep systems, and more.