Candela Launches New Electric Foiling Alternative for Anglers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

April 4, 2023

STOCKHOLM, April. 4, 2022 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Fresh off the successful debut of the only production electric hydrofoil boat, the Candela C-8 at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, today the Swedish company Candela announces a new, highly-versatile C-8 Center Console (CC) model that brings electric mobility to anglers and outdoor adventurers that want to experience the next level in water recreation.

Considered to be one of the top-selling boat models in the US, nearly 50,000 center console-style boats are sold every year, presenting an opportunity for Candela to make radical climate shifts for forward thinkers. Using the same 69 kWh Polestar 2 battery and charging technology as Candela’s award-winning and best-selling C-8 daycruiser, Candela’s CC model features an open bow with 360-degree access to water, modern lines, a wet bar, relaxed seating for up to eight passengers, a head, a retractable sunbed platform to fully relax with friends, extended swimming platform, robust in-hull stereo system, and ample angler features that encourage and elevate time on the water without leaving an environmental trace. With its sleek design, the Candela C-8 CC meets every need of a demanding user – even at anchor.

“With the Candela C-8 CC, we’re targeting America’s top-selling segment of recreational boats. Whether you’re looking for sunbathing or swimming, or for that big catch, it will deliver a better experience than conventional boats,” says Gustav Hasselskog, Candela’s founder and CEO.

Using 80% less energy than conventional center consoles, the flying C-8 CC is the first center console to achieve long-range and high speed on battery power. With 57 nautical miles/65 US miles of range at 22 knots/25 mph and a 30-knot/35 mph top speed, outdoor enthusiasts and anglers have plenty of electric performance for long-range excursions. Candela’s hydrofoil technology provides many advantages including no wake, so it doesn’t disturb others on the water or marine life. In low-speed mode, the rpm of the completely silent C-POD motor can be seamlessly adjusted for any speed down to 0.2 knots, making it ideal for sneaking up on the big catch.

“It’s really the best fishing machine. With foils down, it doesn’t drift and takes fishing to a new level. Our C-POD motor is like a high-power outdrive combined with a slow-speed trolling motor in one unit,” says Gustav Hasselskog.

Made from 100% carbon fiber, the C-8 CC starts at $390,000, including a 15.4” navigational screen and free over-the-air updates of UI and flight controller, which will unlock new features such as autopilot in the coming year. First US customers will see deliveries in Summer 2024.

Following the successful launch of its first electric hydrofoil boat, the limited series Candela C-7, in 2019, Candela’s 50-strong team of engineers spent two years perfecting the hydrofoil system and software to create the high-volume production C-8. At the heart of the technology is Candela’s C-Controller, an onboard computer that uses inputs from a variety of sensors to adjust the boat’s hydrofoils in real time to balance the craft in waves, wind, and different loads. Featuring a 100% carbon fiber hull, all C-8 models are powered by the Candela C-POD, a specially designed, 55kW direct-drive electric motor that requires no scheduled maintenance for 2,000 hours.

To learn more about Candela, please visit Candela.com. Editorial media assets are available here.

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About Candela

Zero emissions, zero noise, zero seasickness, zero maintenance, zero gas and oil, and zero wake, but 100% fun. Candela was founded in 2014 by CEO Gustav Hasselskog, employs 180+ persons, and has offices in Stockholm, San Francisco, and Cannes. Production takes place in Stockholm.

Candela’s boats are up to 95% more energy efficient, and offer passengers a smoother, quieter experience on the water because they fly above it instead of crashing through the waves. Propulsion comes from Candela’s compact C-POD electric motors, which stay fully submerged while running, further eliminating noise and vibrations onboard, plus they’re designed to run for a lifetime without ever requiring maintenance.