Coffee at its Peak: All-New VSSL Java Brings an Elevated Coffee Experience to the Outdoors

August 18, 2020

ABBOTSFORD, British Columbia – August 18, 2020 – VSSL, creator of modern preparedness essentials for the outdoors, today introduced the VSSL JAVA – a premium, ultra-durable, portable hand coffee grinder, backed by a lifetime warranty. The JAVA was designed with caffeine-fueled adventure enthusiasts in mind, with high-end construction and first-class components that deliver exceptional coffee, no matter where the road may lead.

“All great adventures tend to begin the same way – with an early start, as you gather your energy and prepare to rise to the occasion,” said Todd Weimer, Founder of VSSL. “But oftentimes, you’re stuck with lackluster coffee that doesn’t properly fuel you for the day ahead. The JAVA changes all that – you can finally enjoy a coffee experience as epic as your surroundings.”

The VSSL JAVA incorporates the rugged aircraft-grade aluminum construction of VSSL’s other signature products, ensuring it will withstand the toughest of beatings on the road, the trail, and wherever adventures may lead. It features a never-before-seen “Clip and Flip” handle, comprising a collapsible carabiner rated to withstand loads up to 200 pounds, allowing adventurers to quickly detach the JAVA and crank out freshly ground coffee when the birds start chirping. The handle is additionally designed to extend, offering increased leverage for easy grinding while on-the-go.

A truly premium coffee-lovers’ must-have, the VSSL JAVA includes stainless steel burr blades, which provide a precise grind that helps retain the coffee’s full flavor profile, plus industry-leading ball bearings to maintain uniform grind size and to prevent wobbling. The JAVA offers 30 unique settings, so coffee purists can attain the optimal grind, whether preparing espresso, pour-over, or anything in between.

“Imagine an exceptional cup of coffee, straight out of your tent at dawn,” continued Weimer. “We’ve finally made the dream a reality. Like with all VSSL products, we want you to not only survive, but thrive in your pursuits. It’s time to elevate the quality of your adventures.”

The VSSL JAVA (MSRP: $145) has a lifetime warranty and is now available for pre-sale on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign offers the JAVA at discounted pricing, including an Early Bird Special [$90], a Kickstarter Special [$99], a Group JAVA Pack [$370], and an exclusive Nomad Coffee Travel Kit [$190]. The Java will launch nationwide in March 2021.


About VSSL
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