Concept III Expands Into Specialty Textile Chemicals Through New Partnership With Bolger & O’Hearn

January 4, 2017

RED BANK, NJ, January 4, 2017 – Concept III, the leader in textile-based product solutions, has partnered with specialty chemical producers Bolger & O’Hearn. This partnership will serve as the catalyst in bringing Bolger & O’Hearn’s latest chemical products to market.

“With Concept III behind us, we can really push our newest innovations, such as Altopel F3, to the outdoor industry,” said Shaun O’Hearn, President of Bolger & O’Hearn.

Launched earlier this year, Altopel F3 is an environmentally sound waterproofing finish for textiles. It is a water-based product that produces no harmful fluorocarbon byproducts. Whereas traditional water repellents are comprised of fluorine, leading to toxic bio-accumulation, Altopel Fis unique in that it is free of fluorine yet remains durable and highly water resistant. In fact, Altopel Fhas already received some of the highest ratings possible from the esteemed Hohenstein Institute, a German-based research center focusing on the development, testing, and certification of textiles.

“At Bolger & O’Hearn, we’re already working with some industry giants, but we’re confident this partnership with Concept III will only take us further,” said Shawn Honeycutt, Sales Manager for Bolger & O’Hearn.

For more than 30 years, Concept III has been the go-to partner in the performance textile industry. It works alongside leading mills and technology innovators to develop and source new materials for iconic brands among the outdoor and activewear industries.

“We really pride ourselves in only partnering with companies that aren’t afraid to disrupt the status quo,” said Chris Parkes, President of Concept III. “And Bolger & O’Hearn is no exception. Their sustainably produced chemicals will be true game changers for major outdoor apparel manufacturers.”

Today, Bolger & O’Hearn develops and distributes thousands of specialty chemical products for the non-woven and textile industries. Given its commitment to sustainability, the company is also a proud bluesign® system partner.

The independent bluesign® system is a global program that establishes strict guidelines to ensure safe, eco-friendly textile manufacturing processes.

“Now, as many apparel brands, especially those focused on the outdoor market, put a premium on sustainable practices, it’s absolutely critical we uphold the highest environmental standards,” said O’Hearn. “Since Altopel F3 is unrivaled in both efficacy and eco-friendliness, we’re really raising the bar with regard to sustainability. And we couldn’t be more excited to have Concept III along for the ride.”

About Concept III

Since 1983, Concept III has been at the forefront of the performance textile industry. Working closely with mills located throughout the world, Concept III sources, develops, and produces new fabric-based solutions for consumer apparel brands. Its partners currently include leading mills such as Dry-Tex, Kingwhale, and ABMT. A company with a worldwide reach, Concept III currently has offices across North America and Europe. For more information, visit conceptiii.com.

About Bolger & O’Hearn

Founded in 1969, Bolger & O’Hearn has been selling uniquely efficient and consistently high-quality chemicals for over 40 years. Its highly personalized service approach has been the pillar of its success. Since its traditional beginnings in the textile industry, Bolger & O’Hearn has expanded into paper coatings, non-wovens, and many other non-traditional, non-textile manufactured unique products, all of which find applications in a wide range of industries. Today, its diverse and comprehensive product line—totaling over 2,500 products—is sold and distributed globally. To learn more, go to bolgerohearn.com.


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