evo to Relocate Headquarters

May 22, 2019

The Seattle-based action sports and outdoor retailer will move its headquarters in the fall.

SEATTLE (MAY 22, 2019) – Seattle-based action sports and outdoor retailer evo announced today it is relocating its current headquarters to a new location at the Cedar Speedster building at 401 North 36th Street in Fremont this fall.

In line with evo’s community-minded ethos, the new address is designed to be a gathering place, encompassing two restaurants and a brewery. (evo retail stores will remain nearby at the Fremont Collective, 3500 Stone Way North.) Eateries include Revel, a Zagat-rated Korean street-food establishment, which will move from its current home in South Lake to a deck-clad corner of the Cedar Speedster building. Aslan, a certified organic brewery based in Bellingham, and Local Tide Seattle, a new seafood restaurant, will also occupy the building.

“We’ve outgrown our current headquarters, and the new space in Fremont will better speak to evo’s founding pillar of building community,” said Bryce Phillips, evo’s founder. “Customers will be able to enjoy a meal with friends and family while visiting an evo property—invitation is a core value of ours.”

The Cedar Speedster building will breathe new life into Fremont, where evo began, and is representative of evo’s commitment to the community that has made the innovative sport and lifestyle retailer what it is today. The move will also bring new jobs as the evo team expands. The building itself is a timber-framed structure—a modern design that pays homage to the Northwest’s logging industry.

As part of the move, evo will also move its warehouse to a new location with triple the number of truck-height bay doors, increasing its inbound and outbound capacity. The volume of the interior will also be greater, allowing for future growth and efficiencies.

“The move will ultimately enable us to better serve our customers,” Phillips said. “We’re proud of where we’ve come from, and excited about where we’re going. Change is what ‘evolucion’ is all about.”

About evo: evo is an innovative action sports and outdoor lifestyle retailer with roots in the Pacific Northwest. The company’s focus on community and crafting extraordinary customer experiences has propelled it from its humble beginnings in a small Seattle apartment to one of the fastest-growing lifestyle retailers in the nation. Over 17 years, evo has grown from its strong online presence to open flagship stores in Seattle, Portland and Denver, continuing with the extension of its global reach into Whistler, BC. All locations proudly showcase evo’s trademark blend of sport, culture, art, retail and service. Through evoTrip, customers can experience the evo lifestyle of sport and culture through destination travel to ski, snowboard, surf, or mountain bike remote wonders around the world. Leveraging our success to give back, evo helps underserved youth through volunteer time, donations and other support for local and national non-profit organizations including Zero Ceiling, SOS Outreach and Chill Foundation. For more information about evo and its programs, please visit evo.com.