Fastpacking Evolved: Outdoor Vitals Introduces New Skyline 30 Fastpack

August 29, 2023

CEDAR CITY, Utah /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/Outdoor Vitals, the Utah based performance outdoor brand, today announced the launch of the Skyline Fastpack. Durable, light, and comfortable, the Skyline is made to handle the most arduous expeditions, from long days in the mountains to multi-day trips across desolate desert environments. Challenge UltraStretch mesh is lightweight and offers unparalleled durability, while a carefully crafted back panel and suspension system help to keep users comfortable all day long.

“Fastpacking is an incredible way to move through rugged landscapes,” said Tayson Whittaker, founder of Outdoor Vitals. “But the sport is exceptionally difficult and places unique demands on users’ gear. The Outdoor Vitals team was aware of these challenges first-hand and worked tirelessly to develop the perfect fast-packing pack, spending months on the trail putting different models to the test. Our designers utilized their years of experience in the backpacking space to create a cutting-edge model that strikes a perfect balance between comfort, durability, and weight.”

At the core of the Skyline Fastpack’s design is the innovative use of materials. The pack’s main compartment is constructed from 100D Robic™ nylon diamond ripstop, ensuring that the pack is not only lightweight but also resistant to abrasions and tears that are common in rugged environments. The front, bottom, and side pockets are crafted from Challenge UltraStretch™ – an industry-first material that is extraordinarily lightweight and extremely durable. These fabrics guarantee the pack can withstand the harshest conditions, from jagged mountain terrain to thorny desert trails.

Outdoor Vitals is dedicated to producing gear that is not only ultralight but comfortable, and the Skyline Fastpack design embodies this commitment to creating equipment that is not verging into the realm of the masochistic. The Skyline’s carefully crafted back panel is made from EVA foam and comes equipped with strategically placed cut-outs that help to ensure optimal airflow and ventilation during strenuous activities. The unique suspension system distributes the pack’s weight evenly across the body, providing all-day comfort, while ensuring that the pack’s two front water flasks won’t bounce while running. This combination of thoughtfully designed features allows fastpackers to focus on the journey ahead without the distraction of pain or discomfort from their gear.

Ample storage capacity ensures that fastpackers can carry essentials and extras while maintaining a streamlined and efficient approach to their adventures. The Skyline comes equipped with a roll-top closure, providing efficient access to the main compartment, while a double pocket at the bottom of the pack provides convenient storage while on the move. The larger size has a main compartment volume of 28 liters, with 3 liters of additional storage in the pack’s external pockets. Additionally, the pack boasts three trekking pole/ice ax tension loops, catering to different outdoor pursuits and enabling users to tackle diverse environments with confidence.

The Skyline Fastpack has a listed price of $197.97 and is available in two sizes to accommodate different body shapes.

To learn more, visit www.outdoorvitals.com


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