Gunner Introduces All-New Food Crate

October 28, 2020

Food storage system eases dog owner pain points, preserves food while offering exceptional durability

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Oct. 29, 2020) – Gunner®, the leading manufacturer of dog kennels and products engineered to enhance dogs’ lives, today announced the launch of the new Gunner Food Crate. Overbuilt in the USA™, the Food Crate is designed to protect dry dog food in all environmentswhile keeping it fresh and healthy.

Built with the same principles as the company’s revolutionaryG1™ kennel series,the Food Crate features rotomolded construction, an ultra-durable nylon lid, a stainless-steel locking pin, an airtight thermoplastic rubber seal gasket, and an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. Together these design aspects protect petfood from moisture, UV light, rancidity and mold, all of which can hyper-accelerate food decay and increase the risk of bacterial contamination.

The Crate’s over-engineered build also gives it a fortress-like defense against pests. The airtight seal locks in odor to avoid attractingants and rodents, while its rotomolded polyethylene construction and locking capability guards against outside agitators like raccoons.

“Similar to our G1™ Kennel, every aspect of this food crate is designed to protect dogs and make life easierfor dog owners,” said Joe Graves, CEO of Gunner. “We believe preserving the nutritional value of the food our dogs consume is an important part of improving their lives. We’re excited to now provide our customers with the peace of mind that, in all conditions, their dog’s food will be as safe in our Food Crate as their dog is in our kennel.”

Along with offering extreme durability, the Food Crate is built for convenience and portability. A centrally balanced, rotomolded handle makes it easier to lift, pour and carry. A large and seamless U-Pour mouth provides easy access to food and makes it simple to clean. The raisedrubber feet and a wide base elevate it from overly hot or cold surfaces to protect food while preventing it from slidingor tipping over.Additionally, it can be used indoors or outdoors.

“The Gunner Food Crate was born from frustration with existing food storage options,” said Addison Edmonds, founder of Gunner and designer of the product. “Food containers I tried in the past weren’t waterproof, allowed food to spoil, developed an odor, broke easily, or simply could not perform to the standards I expect for myself and my dog Gunner. So, I set out to build something better.”

The Gunner Food Crate is 100% made in America with BPA-free material and is protected by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. It has an 11.5-gallon capacity and can hold up to 50 pounds of dry dog food. It is availablein two colorways,Tan and Gunmetal. To learn more or to purchase the Food Crate ($249.99) visit www.gunner.com.

About Gunner®:
Gunner® was founded in 2015 when it launched the G1™ kennel series, inspired by the passion and drive thatco-founders Addison and Emily Edmonds’ lab, Gunner, gave when retrieving. The direct-to-consumer company works to challenge industry standards by building the world’s best dog products, giving Man’s Best Friend the lives they deserve.For more information about the company, go to www.gunner.com.