Highlights from the Sweet Protection road bike collection 2019

August 20, 2018

Sweet Protection is further increasing the footprint in the road bike world with a wide array of new products.

Oslo, Norway – The Norwegian-based Sweet Protection, designers of cutting-edge mountain bike, paddle sports, and snow sports helmets and apparel. Sweet Protection is renowned for making innovative protection for passionate athletes. The all-new 2019 collection was driven and designed by this motivation.

Sweet Protection is further increasing the footprint in the road bike world with a wide array of new products. Releasing an all-new aerodynamic helmets – Tucker MIPS and the road bike racing helmet Falconer II Aero in the US market. In addition, the Crossfire apparel series is completely revamped.

Sweet Protection launches their fastest bike helmet yet.

Meet the all-new aerodynamic road biking helmet from Sweet Protection – Tucker MIPS. Designed to break the mold of traditional time-trial helmets, the Tucker MIPS exceeds both as a fast road bike helmet and a dedicated time-trial helmet.

Our fastest bike helmet. Yet.

Sweet Protection’s unwavering focus on innovation and desire to blend industry-leading safety features with lightweight construction has resulted in some of the most coveted helmets among hardcore skiers and riders. For the road biker, Sweet Protection has yet again pushed the limits of what is possible.

“We started this with the ambition of creating the fastest time-trial helmet in the world, but at the same time develop a helmet with a broader area of use without compromising on the aero. For this we found technology and solutions from both Formula1 and NASA to create a low-volume helmet with superior ventilation and minimum drag.” says the director of design and development Staale Moeller.

This is achieved by the carbon fiber NACA duct which allows air to flow into an internal duct, often for cooling purposes, with a minimal disturbance to the airflow. This in combination with a “shrink-wrapped bodywork” that creates as little frontal area as possible and reduces the volume in critical areas to make sure the helmet geometry performs in several different angles

The Tucker MIPS is tested in wind-tunnel at several parts in the development process making sure the results are optimal and minimum as good as the best in the industry.

The visor can easily be removed and attached with hidden magnets, and the helmet also work well with regular eyewear. This is our fastest helmet yet, all made possible through Sweet Protections ground-breaking, carbon fibre reinforced ventilation system.

With a price point at only $299 USD this helmet offers a grand slam in value.  
Available in stores from March 2019.

The Tech Grit


  • Unique 4-Piece Shell Construction
  • MIPS Bran Protection System to reduce rotational forces transferred to the brain.
  • EPS-liner constructed with variable bridge- and channel-volume
  • STACC Ventilation with large intake and exit ports.

Colors: Matte Black, Matte White or Matte Slate Gray
Certifications: CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203.
Sizes: M and L
Weight: 260 g without the visor and 310 g with visor attached.

Falconer II / Falconer II MIPS and Falconer II Aero

The Falconer is a top-of-the-line helmet for road biking. With an aerodynamic geometry also developed to provide great ventilation, the result is a quicker and more comfortable ride – all wrapped in our four-piece variable elasticity shell technology for excellent protection. The Falconer Aero comes with additional Aerocovers™ minimize the aerodynamic drag even further. The Aerocovers™ is attached by snap on and off with magnets for extremely simple, on the go adjustments.

“We wanted to create a top-of-the-line helmet that needs to meet three main criteria for us to be happy with it. The Falconer is Fast (defined as aerodynamic and lightweight), Cool (has great ventilation) and Safe (construction). We achieved this by constructing a four-piece shell with variable elasticity, utilizing our STACC ventilation and with a focus on the aerodynamic geometry” says the director of design and development Staale Moeller.

The Falconer products have been available in Europe for two seasons but will for 2019 also be available for US consumers with its own CPSC certified version.

Falconer II Aero: $259,95 USD
Falconer II MIPS: $229,95 USD
Falconer II: $199,95 USD
Available in stores from March 2019.

The Tech Grit


  • 4-Piece Shell Construction
  • EPS-liner constructed with a variable bridge- and channel-volume
  • STACC Ventilation with large intake and exit ports.
  • Available with MIPS Bran Protection System to reduce rotational forces transferred to the brain.

Colors Falconer II Aero: Matte White, Matte Black
Colors Falconer II MIPS: Matte Navy, Matte White, Matte Black Chrome
Colors Falconer II: Matte White, Matte Black
Certifications: CPSC 1203.
Sizes: M and L
Weight Falconer II Aero: 260 g and 310 g with Aerocovers™ attached. Size M.
Weight Falconer II MIPS: 285 g. Size M.
Weight Falconer II: 255 g. Size M.

Crossfire series – now introducing Merino wool for the road.

The Crossfire series is for the road-biker that doesn’t always know what the day will bring. Classic bike wear designed for functionality without compromising on style.

This season Sweet Protection is introducing Merino wool into their road bike collection, incorporating the natural properties of nature’s technical fiber: Insulating when cold, yet super breathable and cooling when the weather heats up.

The Crossfire Merino SS Jersey

The Crossfire Merino Short Sleeve Jersey is a classic bike jersey combining technical performance with minimalistic design. The Jersey is a hybrid construction made of Merino wool and panels of synthetic material, designed to sit next to skin for the perfect bike fit. Merino wool for insulation when cold and wet, yet super breathable. Synthetic panels further improve the versatility of the fabric for durability and longevity.

The gripper areas inside the sleeve openings and lower back ensure that the jersey stays in place during activity. The large pocket centre in the back; consisting of three open pockets and one zip pocket reachable from the side, let you bring your ride essentials along for the ride.

Price: $119,95 USD
Colors men: Earth Red, Ocean Blue, Blacm
Colors women: Glacier Blue, Stone Gray, Coral

Crossfire Bib Pro: The must-have item for the road

The crossfire Bib pro is your go-to road racer bottom, constructed with a flexible Lycra-blend fabric with compression properties. The bib is a pleasure to wear and lets you focus on pushing your boundaries without worrying about anything else. The bib offers moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties combined with stretch fabric for flexibility and a snug fit that doesn´t compromise on the pedal stroke. The race-oriented bike pad from Elastic Interface; the Comp HP with high-density foam inserts, provides a higher degree of comfort during longer rides.

Price: $149,95 USD
Colors: Black

About Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection is based in Norway and was founded by a tight-knit group of skiers, riders, cyclists and paddlers, looking to make the best helmets and apparel available. Sweet blends industry-leading innovation with the finest craftsmanship available to create the safest and most advanced helmets, protective gear and apparel for ski and snowboard, bike and paddle sports. A core design philosophy of Stronger, Lighter, Better guides all of Sweet’s decisions. Sweet’s team is comprised of overachievers with extremely high expectations
for their products; well above and beyond industry certifications and standardized tests. Sweet builds the gear they use and stands behind every product they make. For Sweet, there is no compromise. Their passion is your protection.   www.sweetprotection.com


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