Hillsound Equipment Expands Adventure-Driven Ambassador Team

December 21, 2018

Company grows ambassador lineup to include outdoor enthusiasts, runners, hikers, and climbers

Vancouver, BC (December 21, 2018)– Hillsound Equipment, the leading producer of winter traction equipment and gaiters for outdoor enthusiasts, is excited to announce the addition of nine athletes and active lifestyle ambassadors to their lineup. The team will help promote Hillsound’s product and mission of helping people reach new heights with ease. 

Hillsound’s newest team members include outdoor enthusiasts Sarah Korpach and Kui M, outdoor photographer and adventurers Adele Ng and Jesse Weber, ultra marathoners Stevie Kremer, Jeff Pelletier, and Pat Malaviaarachi, thru-hiker Heather Anderson, and climber Victoria Valchev.

“We’re excited to be expanding our team to include these amazing athletes,” said Hillsound Marketing Manager, YooRa Kang. “We love the sense of adventure that each ambassador embodies and are thrilled to support them in their endeavors in 2019.”

About the ambassadors:

Sarah Korpach is a fulltime healthcare professional, part time personal trainer, avid runner, and outdoor enthusiast. When training for her first half marathon, she began trail running and discovered the opportunities and beauty that nature has to offer. Follow her adventures on Instagram @sarahkorp

Adele Ng is an adventurous professional photographer led by her faithful Vizsla, Whiskey who leads her and her husband on hikes, and backcountry camping trips. Check out her adventure photography on Instagram @mywhiskeygirl and online

Jesse Weber is an all-around athlete with too much energy and too many hobbies. He can be found climbing rocks, skiing mountains, paddling rivers, exploring canyons, and running trails. He’s currently training for a series of multi-sport challenges in 2019. Visit his website and check out his expeditions on Instagram @unwearytraveler

Pat Malaviaarachi enjoys all forms of backcountry travel including hiking, running, skiing, and mountain biking. He competes in ultra-marathons around the world and holds what is believed to be the world record for eating an entire roast chicken while climbing the Grouse Grind. 

Kui M. would rather play outdoors than be found inside. She is always looking for new areas to hike backpack, snowshoe, kayak, bike, and boulder. Follow her adventures on Instagram @hawaiian_girl_pnw

Stevie Kremer discovered her love for running when she realized she could run up and down mountains all year round. She has competed and placed in trail running and ski mountaineering races throughout the world and now spends her workouts pulling or pushing her 8 month old son, Hans, up and down mountains and roads. See her on Instagram @steviekremer

Heather Anderson is known as Anish on the trails and is the only woman to complete the Triple Crown Trails -the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide National Scenic Trails all in one calendar year. Heather holds the Fastest Known Time on the Pacific Crest Trail and the Female Self-Supported Fastest Known Time on the Arizona Trail and Appalachian Trails. Check out her explorations on Instagram @anishhikes

Jeff Pelletier has always enjoyed hiking and camping, both in his hometown and abroad. As an ultra-distance runner and member of the Salomon Flight Crew, he competes in distances from 50 to 160 km. Jeff enjoys training in the backcountry and working through a growing list of adventure runs. Check out his blog to read about his adventures and on Instagram @jpelletier

Victoria Valchev has hiked more than 100 peaks and continues to expand her knowledge and skills in climbing, scrambling, and snowboarding. She loves the combination of the scenery, constant challenges, people, and the sense of accomplishment associated with mountain climbing. See her journeys on Instagram @alpinewithv

For more information, products, news, athlete ambassadors, and happenings visit, or connect with the brand on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Hillsound Equipment, Inc. 

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Hillsound offers a range of highly-engineered traction devices for a variety of categories, from winter hiking to ice fishing. Hillsound also specializes in the design and manufacturing of durable and comfortable gaiters.