Hyperlite Mountain Gear Announces Athlete Partnership with Aaron Mulkey

August 27, 2019

Distinguished ice climber joins the Hyperlite Mountain Gear ambassador team

BIDDEFORD, Maine (August 27, 2019) — Hyperlite Mountain Gear, an outdoor company focused on designing ultralight, durable and highly water-resistant outdoor gear, announces a new partnership with ice climber Aaron Mulkey. Known as a pioneer of ice climbing within the Rocky Mountains, Mulkey has spent the majority of his career residing in northern Wyoming, exploring the local terrain for new routes and conquering first ascents. Throughout his career, Mulkey has completed over 100 first ascents while maintaining a demanding full-time job. When not climbing ice, Mulkey focuses on rigorous training in the gym and long days hiking, kayaking and searching for potential new routes.

“I have learned throughout my climbing career how important it is that my equipment be durable and lightweight enough to support me through long days in rugged terrain,” says Aaron Mulkey. “Working with a company like Hyperlite Mountain Gear allows me to use their innovative and lightweight products to access the climbs I am working on with comfort and ease.”

Hyperlite Mountain Gear products have accompanied backcountry adventurers on alpine excursions, thru-hikes and multi-sport excursions since the company’s inception in 2010. The company constantly strives to design ultralight gear that achieves the perfect balance of strength, weight and performance. Using innovative fabrics, advanced technologies and highly functional design, Hyperlite Mountain Gear has developed a product line over the last 10 years that includes a wide range of backpacks, shelters, and fine-tuned accessories that enable outdoor adventurers to explore the backcountry with greater confidence and comfort.

“We are constantly striving to refine and develop products that allow passionate alpinists, backpackers, thru-hikers and goal-oriented adventurers to move quickly and efficiently in the backcountry,” says Founder and CEO Mike St. Pierre. “Aaron has proven to be a pioneer in the world of ice climbing over the past few decades, setting new routes and conquering first ascents throughout the world. Collaborating directly with Aaron on product innovation and design will be key as we continue to expand our gear offerings for ice climbing and mountaineering.”

For information regarding Hyperlite Mountain Gear, and the partnership with Aaron Mulkey, contact Account Manager Madeline Fones at

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