Ibex Outdoor Clothing Partners with The Renewal Workshop to Refurbish Returns and Excess Inventory

July 26, 2016

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT (July 26, 2016)  Ibex Outdoor Clothing, manufacturer of premium technical Merino wool apparel and accessories, is proud to be a founding brand partner of The Renewal Workshop to refurbish Ibex’s “unsellable” returns and excess inventory beginning in Fall 2016.

Founded by apparel industry veterans Nicole Bassett and Jeff Denby, The Renewal Workshop provides a new business model to turn unsellable product back into high-quality apparel. In its own factory, each garment is given new life as Renewed Apparel through a proprietary process. Renewed Apparel is then either sold back to the brand partner to be made available through existing sales channels, or is sold direct-to-consumer through The Renewal Workshop’s own ecommerce marketplace, launching in Fall 2016.

Every year, apparel brands and retailers collect millions of unsellable garments via returns, warranty, damages, defects, over-production and stale inventory. Currently there is no infrastructure to support the refurbishment of these products and brands are left with suboptimal solutions, such as overseas donation or landfill.

“The Renewal Workshop helps us complete our product life cycle in an authentic and third-party manor that is traceable,” says Keith Anderson, VP of Marketing for Ibex Outdoor Clothing.

“It’s important to educate our customers to let them know that when they are done using an Ibex garment, there are choices,” he said. “Through The Renewal Workshop, Ibex can help foster greater education on product after purchase.”

In its factory, The Renewal Workshop cleans the apparel to a hospital-grade clean using state-of-the-art waterless cleaning technology from Tersus. Any damage to the clothing – from broken zippers to missing buttons to tears – is repaired, creating Renewed Apparel that meets the highest standard of quality certified by the brands. For any product that can’t be renewed, The Renewal Workshop responsibly manages the upcycling, downcycling or recycling of it in order to optimize the resources already invested. Nothing ever goes to landfill.

“Ibex is a true industry leader at the forefront of developing a circular economy for apparel,” said Jeff Denby, co-founder of The Renewal Workshop. “Ibex products are ideal for renewal since they are high quality and durable with timeless style and function.”

Learn more about The Renewal Workshop and help celebrate Ibex’s new partnership at a happy hour during Outdoor Retailer on Friday, August 5 at 4:30 p.m. at Ibex booth #39197.

About Ibex
Founded in 1997 and headquartered in White River Junction, VT, Ibex is a designer of year-round premium Merino wool outdoor clothing and cycling apparel, founded in the belief of the superior natural performance and properties of wool. Ibex couples the natural renewable resource with technical innovation and inspired design to create apparel for a diverse range of outdoor and active pursuits and passions. Men’s and Women’s items are made from the best Merino wool fabrics sustainably sourced from New Zealand. All Ibex clothing and accessories are available for purchase online, in catalog and through outdoor specialty stores. For more information, please visit ibex.com.

About The Renewal Workshop
The Renewal Workshop develops industry-wide solutions that optimize the value of resources already invested in apparel. The Renewal Workshop partners with the world’s best-loved brands and retailers to renew their “unsellable” returns and excess inventory. In the facility in Cascade Locks, Oregon, products are sorted, cleaned, and repaired, giving each garment new life as Renewed Apparel. The Renewed Apparel is then either sold through the original brands sales channels, or we sell the product through our own website launching Fall 2016. We’re the certified renewal partner of the brand and our brand in the garment acts as a seal of trust and quality. For any product that can’t be renewed, we responsibly manage the upcycling, downcycling, or recycling of it in order to optimize the resources already invested in them. For continued updates and to be the first to know when sales of Renewed Apparel start, visit www.therenewalworkshop.com.