Kelty Launches Brand Elevation with Fun-Centric “Built for Play” Digital Campaign this Month, Encouraging Spontaneous Outdoor Adventure

February 20, 2018

Humorous invitations and events e.g. Kelty Ditch Day, Excuse Generator, and fun twists to “Go Keltying” appear on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

BOULDER (February 20, 2018) – Kelty, a leader in providing innovative adventure gear and everyday outdoor products built to last, today launched its elevated brand strategy with Built for Play via a multi-platform digital and social campaign to encourage spontaneous outdoor adventure and increase direct fan engagement. Using playful humor, Built for Play encourages consumers to take a break from their daily routines and engage in everyday outdoor activities with a fun twist or epic adventures. Starting this month on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the campaign features winter Built for Play outdoor activity themes and introduces a revamped modern logo design inspired by Kelty’s founder Dick Kelty and his spirit of fun and adventure.

“Kelty has always been an ‘instigator’ to get people outdoors,” commented Eric Greene, senior vice president and general manager of Kelty. “Now, we are going to take instigating to the next level, incorporate humor and be bolder in our interaction with today’s consumer. We want to be thought of as the magnet that attracts the brash, the outspoken and the spirit of play. Built for Play will prod those we care about with ‘playful’ nudges to shake up their everyday routines to get outdoors.”

Fans can follow on Instagram and Facebook, as Kelty plays with caption contests, “What happens next” videos, gear giveaways and more. Summer-long “Outdoor Outtakes” photo contests will show the lighter side of life’s spontaneous events.

On April 27, 2018, Kelty invites followers to ditch work or school and go outside and play for Kelty Ditch Day, a nationwide initiative encouraging consumers to take life a little less serious. Kelty will provide suggested itineraries and a list of creative excuses to help call out of work or school.

The new logo appears now on Kelty’s redesigned website, across social media platforms, and on new products and packaging beginning spring 2019.

About Kelty:

Welcome to KELTY. We are BUILT FOR PLAY. Kelty, the originator of the external frame backpack, has been the go-to outdoor equipment brand since its founding in 1952. Today, Kelty is devoted to connecting more people to the outdoors with quality products built to last that make it easy to break away from the common daily routine. Camping doesn’t just mean next to your car. It’s a festival, a spontaneous adventure, or multi-day hike, and Kelty’s durable and easy-to use camping, backpacking and everyday outdoor gear gets you to the fun faster. Need a nudge? Let’s play.