La Sportiva’s New No-Edge Climbing Shoe Line Defies Expectations

July 24, 2023

BOULDER, CO (July 24, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – La Sportiva, makers of the world’s finest mountain gear, today announces its exclusive climbing footwear line for Spring 2024. The line is highlighted by the new No-Edge™ collection. With 20 years of proven success, this cutting-edge shoe technology offers climbers unparalleled intuitive performance, increased sensitivity, and superior durability. The No-Edge™ collection is composed of the brand-new Mandala and updated versions of the Futura, the Mantra, and the Genius. The brand is also releasing the TX4 Evo, an eco-friendly approach shoe designed to excel in demanding terrain.

“La Sportiva is always looking to push the boundaries of climbing footwear technology,” said Jonathan Lantz, president of La Sportiva North America. “Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower climbers to reach new heights. The No-Edge climbing line signifies a new era in rock climbing, changing the way climbers interact with the rock and opening up a world of possibilities.”

Unlike traditional climbing shoes with sharp edges, the No-Edge™ models feature a sole that wraps around the shoe, following the foot’s natural contours. This innovative design eliminates the sharp angles found in traditional shoes, allowing for increased sensitivity and enhanced performance, particularly when standing on small holds. The soft No-Edge™ sole boasts a larger rubber surface area, facilitating increased contact with footholds and delivering a subtle sensitivity that can be the difference between a successful send and a gut-wrenching whip.

Despite their softness, La Sportiva’s No-Edge™ shoes provide exceptional support for climbers on small footholds, defying conventional expectations. Extensive research and development testing revealed that shoes using a No-Edge design lasted longer than traditional shoes. This durability not only prolongs the lifespan of the shoes but also reduces consumption and promotes sustainability.

The new Mandala embodies the evolution of the No-Edge™ family, facilitating the fluidity of natural climbing movement in a way only No-Edge™ can. A single reinforced strap and an ultra-sticky rubber-coated toe box offer security and confidence when performing footwork that involves advanced heel hooks and heel-toe cams. The Mandala’s unique design optimizes performance on complex routes while ensuring the toe box adapts perfectly to provide grip on the worst footholds imaginable. The Mandala has an MSRP of $209.

Over 20 years ago, in 1999, well ahead of its time, one of the lightest and most sensitive climbing shoes with No-Edge™ technology was developed – that shoe was the Mantra. Now, in 2024, the third iteration of the Mantra is being reintroduced with the latest technological advancements. The $169 Mantra is still one of the lightest and most sensitive shoes available. A deconstructed upper and an incredibly thin sole gives unparalleled feedback, allowing climbers to perform on highly technical routes.

The $219 Genius is a No-Edge™ shoe designed for climbers looking to push their limits on single-pitch climbs, where sensitivity and feedback are paramount to success. The shoe receives some notable updates for 2024. More structure is built into the upper of the new model, while a reinforced lacing harness offers increased durability and support.

The Futura is the most versatile climbing shoe in the No-Edge™ family. Designed and developed to make climbing more fun, the $199 Futura combines comfort and sensitivity with the ability to perform at a high level in indoor and outdoor settings. An updated heel allows for better heel hooking, while the patented Fast Lacing System™ guarantees that the foot and shoe are perfectly in sync.

Ideal for technical approaches and easy climbing routes, the new TX4 Evo is a highly capable approach shoe that offers all-day comfort. A Mythos lacing system ensures a precise fit, making it easy to adjust the shoe’s volume. An ergonomic padded tongue protects the foot when tightening the laces in technical terrain. The innovative patented resole platform allows for easy resoling by replacing the tread and compressed EVA platform. The TX4 Evo retails for $169.

The new collection will be available at select specialty retailers and at www.lasportivausa.com in the spring of 2024. Select samples for media will be available prior to the release of the line. Contact La Sportiva PR representative Sean Van Horn at sean.vanhorn@backbone.media for more information.


With over 90 years of heritage, La Sportiva has unrivaled experience in building the world’s finest performance mountain footwear. Creating innovation through passion, La Sportiva now offers the most versatile technical climbing, mountaineering, Mountain Running® and hiking shoes on the market as well as ski mountaineering hardware and apparel. For more information on La Sportiva visit www.sportiva.com or visit their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/LaSportiva.