Liv Cycling Introduces New E-Bike Built for Women

October 8, 2019

Thrive E+ Series Offers Riders an All-Access Pass to Speed

NEWBURY PARK, Calif. (Oct. 8, 2019) – Liv Cycling, the company dedicated to getting more women on bikes, today introduced its newest E-bike models, Thrive E+ EX Pro and the Thrive E+ Pro, to its on-road line. The Thrive E+ series blends the fast and light feeling of a road bike with the comfort of a flat bar bike and the boost of a pedal-assisted motor.

“The Thrive E+ series builds on our lineup of E-bikes to help riders find the inspiration to conquer fitness goals, crush their daily commute, and keep up with friends at any pace,” said Szu Chen, Liv E-bike Marketing Specialist. “This new E-bike eliminates barriers in cycling and gives riders the freedom to go farther and faster on paved roads knowing the motor is there for support.”

Designed with Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy, the Thrive E+ series bolsters Liv’s lineup of E-bikes built specifically for women and features an ALUXX SL-grade aluminum frame. The Thrive E+ EX Pro integrates front and rear lights, a kickstand and a rear rack, completing the package for in-town functionality.

The new SyncDrive Pro motor on the Thrive E+ series provides a natural, yet powerful, E-bike experience that helps riders increase their speed quickly. Powered by Yamaha, the SyncDrive Pro motor on Liv’s Thrive E+ series features tunable support modes offering up to 360 percent of a rider’s effort. The new motor also features a Smart Assist mode that automatically adjusts the support level based on the rider’s pedaling input, customized to each rider. The PedalPlus 6-Sensor Technology translates six measurements (torque, speed, cadence, motor rotation, slope detection, accelerometer sensor) about the rider and adds the perfect amount of power at just the right time for a fast and fluid ride quality.

The battery integration into the downtube offers a sleek look made possible by the EnergyPak Smart 375 that includes an integrated lithium ion battery, 6A fast charging technology and smart charging with extremely rapid charging possibilities that can reach over 80% of capacity in 1.40 hours. Depending on terrain, support mode and battery usage, when fully charged the battery can last up to 110km before recharging.

The Thrive E+ series includes an intuitive handlebar mounted RideControl system. The Thrive E+ EX Pro features RideControl EVO that features aluminum housing and offers more durability. RideControl EVO improves the riding experience by providing a better view of riding data, including heart rate, time, distance or speed along with battery capacity and estimated range. Riders can easily choose their level of pedal assist and it also offers USB charging possibilities. RideControl EVO also connects via Bluetooth with the RideControl App to view additional information and the latest software and updated functionalities.

The Thrive E+ 1 Pro & Thrive E+ 2 Pro feature RideControl ONE that is a minimalist design, displaying the essential information needed to help riders perform at their best. It’s made with integrated button controls free of any display. The Thrive E+ 1 Pro & Thrive E+ 2 Pro can also connect with RideControl App to view additional information. The small, integrated buttons allow riders to shift through pedal assist levels with ease. The buttons are extra robust and designed with a pattern for grip. The controls are thoughtfully designed with LED lighting that shows the battery capacity and support mode while riding.

The new Thrive E+ series will be available throughout Europe and North America this Fall.

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