Manitobah Debuts “Rooted” Brand Campaign

February 29, 2024

Campaign Highlights Collaboration with Indigenous Artist Mikailah Thompson and Explores the Roots that Bind Us

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Manitobah, the Indigenous-rooted brand dedicated to making positive impacts in Indigenous Communities, today introduced Rooted, a global brand campaign showcasing seasonal artist Mikailah Thompson and affirming its commitment to elevating Indigenous artistry. Rooted in Thompson’s vision, the campaign emboldens all to dream of the infinite possibilities that lie ahead, rooted in the past, while guided by the hope and promise of tomorrow. Thompson, an Afro-Indigenous artist, and entrepreneur currently residing in Washington, D.C., seamlessly integrates her nimíipuu heritage into her artwork. Thompson’s contributions to the 2024 Spring collection showcase her dedication to cultural preservation and her distinctive artistic style.

“Rooted in my culture, I intricately bead subtle elements of nimíipuu and African designs into the pieces I create. Each bead, each stitch, serves as a profound homage to the legacy of my ancestors—honouring their stories, traditions, and resilience,” said Thompson. “My art is not merely a reflection; it’s a testament to my roots and aspirations, speaking volumes where words fall short. I was excited to collaborate with Manitobah and to have the opportunity to showcase my art alongside my community. By sharing their narratives and supporting their work in the process, I aim to inspire fellow artists to embrace their identities and pursue their passions.”

In the Spring 2024 collection, Thompson’s creative vision shines through in a variety of styles. Among them is the new Wallowa Moccasin, a tribute to the Wallowa Valley on Thompson’s nimiipuu homeland, featuring her geometric embroidery. Additionally, the collection includes the new Butterfly Flat, adorned with the artist’s intricate beadwork. Completing her collection are four additional footwear styles and three accessories, each embodying Thompson’s unique artistic perspective.

At the core of Manitobah’s mission is a dedication to Indigenous artistry and community empowerment. Established in 1997 with the aim of supporting Indigenous communities, the brand celebrates the resilience, beauty, and intricate designs of Indigenous cultures. Collaborating with Indigenous artists from across North America, Manitobah preserves and honours traditional designs, crafting footwear that embodies exceptional quality while carrying forward the stories and heritage of Indigenous peoples. This commitment to Indigenous artistry and cultural preservation is infused into every Manitobah product, reflecting the brand’s promise of walking together, making a difference with every step.

“At Manitobah, we’re thrilled to have Thompson as our seasonal artist, bringing her unique perspective and talent to our Spring 24 collection,” said Carolyn MacNaughton, CEO of Manitobah. “Through collaborations like these, we provide a platform for authentic Indigenous art that encourages pride, shapes lives, and helps keep traditions alive. Thompson’s contribution embodies this ethos, and we’re excited to showcase her work and celebrate the rich heritage it represents. Together, we walk towards a future where Indigenous voices are celebrated and empowered.”

In addition to collaborations like the collection with Thompson, Manitobah provides support for authentic Indigenous art through the Indigenous Market, a web-based platform with 100% of the profits going to the artists to aid in cultural preservation and economic empowerment. By supporting Indigenous artisans and entrepreneurs, even in remote communities, Manitobah honors traditions and ensures the sustainability of Indigenous art practices for generations. Learn more about Thompson’s work and Manitobah’s commitment to supporting Indigenous Artistry at manitobah.ca.

About Manitobah

Founded in 1997 in Winnipeg by Métis founder Sean McCormick, Manitobah embarked on a mission to build a global brand that creates positive impacts within Indigenous communities. Manitobah collaborates with Indigenous artists from across North America to craft the world’s warmest and most comfortable footwear, preserving designs used by Indigenous people for thousands of years. Blending beauty and functionality, every pair of Manitobah mukluks embodies the company’s promise—walking together, making a difference with every step.

Contact: Mary Beth Golden

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