Matador Protects Medicines and More with new Waterproof Travel Canisters

October 1, 2020

BOULDER, Colo. (October 1, 2020)Matador Travel Equipment, the award-winning producer of high-performance travel equipment, today introduced the Waterproof Travel Canisters, aluminum containers designed for organizing small items during transit. The canisters, which come in 40-mL and 100-mL sizes, are fully waterproof and food-safe, offering a durable and ultralight vessel for pills, snacks, jewelry and more.

“We set out to design travel canisters that could handle any bumps in the road – from protecting strike-anywhere matches from beatings in the backcountry, to safeguarding fragile jewelry on long international trips,” said Chris Clearman, Founder and CEO of Matador. “The Waterproof Travel Canisters are extremely durable, weigh next-to-nothing and have a simple, elegant aesthetic – offering a sleek and safe housing for all of your travel necessities.”

The Waterproof Travel Canisters consist of a lightweight aluminum base, capped with a silicone lid with a pull tab for easy opening. The canisters are IPX7 waterproof rated (submersible up to one meter for 30 minutes), and the unique engineering maintains a protected seal, even amidst changing altitudes and cabin pressures.

The 40-mL Waterproof Travel Canister weighs only 17 grams and is similar in shape to a traditional pill bottle, offering a safe way to transport medicines, matches, mints and more. The 100-mL Waterproof Travel Canister is wider in diameter, weighing only 56 grams, offering a lightweight container for snacks, headphones, memory cards, jewelry and other miscellaneous needs.

“We want to perfect and simplify the tools you bring on your pursuits,” continued Clearman. “These canisters are minimal in form, but maximal in function.”

The 40-mL Waterproof Travel Canister (MSRP: $7.99) and 100-mL Waterproof Travel Canister (MSRP: $17.99 for 2-pack) are available now at select retailers and online at http://www.matadorup.com/.


About Matador Travel Equipment

Matador designs high-performance travel equipment designed for objective-based travel. The team’s strengths in design, material technology, and construction give them an edge in developing innovative products that bring outdoor expertise to the pursuit of travel. For more information about Matador, visit www.MatadorUp.com.